2 Months Chile And Argentina Itinerary

Argentina and Chile are best done together. Due to its proximity and the length requires to traverse from north to south, it is most efficient to zig-zag your way through the two countries. This will become very useful when you get to Patagonia where the area covers both countries, and due to its remoteness and costly price, traveling back and forth could cost you more than necessary.

In this guide, I will take you from the desert of Atacama to the island life of Easter Island, through the tropical forest of Iguazu falls and the snowy mountain range of Patagonia, all in one itinerary. You can find adventure anywhere you are in these 2 countries, and this itinerary will take you to all of them.

Looking to save some costs on your travel? Why not join a shared group tour to explore Chile and Argentina? Here are some activities you might be interested in:

If you are coming from Bolivia, San Pedro de Atacama is where you will spend time getting use to Chile so spend your first day walking around the town square and in the evening, rent a bike and go up the Valle de la Luna for a beautiful sunset. At night, go on a Star Tour organized by SpaceObs and gaze at the stars in one of the clearest sky you will ever see.

The next morning, you can go on a Geyser tour that starts at 4 AM to catch the sunrise at Geysers del Tatio, one of the largest geyser site in the world. Be prepared for the cold since you will be going up to 4,200m above sea level. You will be back by afternoon so you can take this time to rest.

The final day, go on a day tour to Lagunas Altiplanicas, the Chilean version of the salt flat. Stunning landscape all around with a chance of spotting flamingos in their habitats.

There are around 2 buses leaving from San Pedro de Atacama to Antofagasta starting around 4 PM - 6 PM from Atacama Bus Station. The journey should take around 4 - 5 hours and cost about 23 USD. To see the book a bus online, be sure to check out the link below:

If there is no direct bus from San Pedro de Atacama to Antofagasta on the day you are traveling (there are fewer buses in winter), you can travel to Calama first via KTUR Bus Operator, TurBus, or Frontera del Norte where they will drop you off at their designated bus terminal and you will find more buses going to Antofagasta from there.

The journey from Atacama to Calama takes around 1.5 hours and costs 3,000 CPS and from Calama to Antofagasta takes around 2.5 hours and cost around 8 USD. Click the link below for more detail on how to get from Calama to Antofagasta.