15 Best Things To Do In Dubai

"What's there to do in Dubai? It's such a boring artificial city to visit!", I remember thinking to myself when someone talked about visiting Dubai, and for the longest time, I really believed it, so much so that I was able to talk myself out of visiting the city for more than 8 years... until recently.

For most of 2020 and 2021, I got stuck in my home country, Thailand, being unable to travel anywhere due to COVID-19 for a year and a half which almost drove me insane but when I got myself fully vaccinated, it was finally time for me to travel again.

As I was researching a destination I could visit during COVID-19, I found that Dubai was one of the few places that were still accepting travelers. I was so eager to travel somewhere abroad that, despite my belief, unfounded as it may be, I decided to give Dubai ago, and boy, how I was wrong!

All this time, I thought Dubai is a soulless city with nothing of interest for me but after spending more than a month here, I can say, Dubai is so much more than it led me to believe.

From the unrivaled cityscape and skyscrapers as far as the eyes can see to all the fun activities and unique places to visit, I have decided to compile a list of 15 best things to do in Dubai with all the information you need to have the time of your life in this city where anything is possible.

If you think Dubai is just for rich travelers, this will completely change your mind. Did you know that you can take a scenic boat ride on a traditional wooden abra across Dubai Creek for only 1 AED?

That's right! You can cruise through the old quarters in a small open-air boat where you will be able to see the life of regular people living in Dubai that aren't just elites driving Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys like they often advertise themselves.

If you are interested in seeing how regular people live in Dubai, the boat ride is definitely one of the first activities I recommend you do. To get on one of these boats, you will have to get to one of the many Abra Stations along the Creek and the people there will direct you to one.

The route I took started from this Abra Station near Baniyas Square Metro Station and from there, the boat took me to Bur Dubai Souk which is near Al Fahidi Historical District, the next item on the list.

The abra ride cost 1 AED per person per trip and they operate between 5 AM and 12 AM every day. You can check out which route to take from the maps available at the Abra Station. I highly recommend you get on one in the evening for a stunning sunset view over the Old Quarter.