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About Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a sacred site located on the banks of Yamuna. A city in Uttar Pradesh, the site reminds of the playful tricks of Krishna. Wide array of temples are scattered all over the city and draws millions of devotees every year. This is one of the major sources of Vrindavan tourism. The name of the city comes from Vrinda similar to Tulsi plant. The place has several mentions in the myths and legends.

Vrindavan was founded in the 16th century when it was discovered by Shri Chaitanya. Today, the place is historically, religiously and culturally famous.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Vrindavan is located at a distance of 12 km from Mathura and the distance from Agra is 71 km. On the other hand, Delhi is located at about 71.3 km from Vrindavan. If you check out the Vrindavan travel guide, you can easily understand and explore the place.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Vrindavan

It is not difficult to reach Vrindavan when it has well-developed transport facilities. Vrindavan has a small railway station with passenger trains. However, the major rail station is Mathura, located about 14 km from the city. The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Vrindavan

Vrindavan experiences an extreme climate with severe hot and cold climates. Winter is from October to February while summer is from March to June. The ideal time to visit Vrindavan is from the months of October and March. Several festivals are also celebrated at this time contributing to Vrindavan tourism, as a whole.

Transportation Medium

Vrindavan is a popular city, and therefore, you will not experience any difficulty in visiting different places. You can avail auto rickshaw or cycle rickshaws. At the same time, you can also rent bicycles to explore the city. Some people even explore parts of the city by foot.

Food Specialty in Vrindavan

Vrindavan being a religious site, you can mostly expect to get vegetarian dishes. However, north India styled snacks and dishes are famous here. Ranging from Chat to Vada, tourists can indulge their taste buds in wide varieties of things. If you have the Vrindavan travel guide with you, you should not expect any problem.

Things To Do in Vrindavan

There are plenty of places to see around this city. In addition to that, you can also sit in the banks of Yamuna and spend some relaxing time. Taking a ride in the boat in the heart of Yamuna can also be a great experience.

Culture And Festivals in Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a highly culturally enriched city because it was the place of Lord Krishna. Folk songs and music are part of the cultural programs and is a great way to draw Vrindavan tourism. There are lots of people that come here during the celebration of festivals like Holi, raas, etc. Another popular festival that the city celebrates is Brahmotsava.

Shopping in Vrindavan

When you come to Vrindavan, there are hosts of things that you can buy. The main shopping area is Loi Bazar selling an array of handicrafts and religious stuffs. You can also find clothe, fruits and incense sticks ate reasonable prices. You can also visit the Khadi Bhavan that offer range of fabrics. You can find paintings, sculptures and finger rings.

Facts And Travel Tips

Vrindavan is a religious place, and you can expect it to remain a bit crowded. It is ideal to wear decent clothes when you are in this city. You should also beware of touts that might try to charge money in lieu of useless services. A look at Vrindavan travel guide will help you understand more about the place, as a whole.

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