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About Vizag

Vizag is primarily an industrial city and also the largest city in Andhra Pradesh. It attracts large numbers of tourists because of its unspoiled beaches, the caves and scenic areas. It is also often considered as the Goa of the East Coast. The stunning landscape also contributes to the popularity of Vizag tourism.

Today, it has the biggest shipping yard of the country. In addition to that, the city also has a rich cultural and historical heritage. It was ruled by Ashoka. During the 18th century, it was also a part of the Dutch colony. The city offers a blend of ancient and modern things.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the popular cities that you can visit from here are Alipur at a distance of 1.9 km and Yarada at 4.8 km. Hyderabad, Vijaywada, and even Chennai are other cities. The Vizag travel guide is one of the best sources of information for you so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Vizag

The most important railway station is Vishakhapatnam that lies on the Chennai-Delhi main line. This station is connected to all the major cities of India. On the other hand, Vishakhapatnam airport is located at a distance of 16 km from the city and is connected to all other domestic airports in India.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Vizag

During the summers, Vizag experiences a hot climate while during the winters, it is cool and pleasant. Summers are uncomfortable and winter is the best time for sightseeing. The ideal season for Vizag tourism is from October to March. The weather not only remains pleasant, but also large numbers of festivals are celebrated at this time of the year.

Transportation Medium

There are several means of transportation through which you can travel around the city. You can take a bus or an auto rickshaw. In addition to that, cabs are also available here due to which you can easily explore the city.

Food Specialty in Vizag

There are some excellent restaurants that you can try for spicy south Indian delicacies. Most of the eating joints are of good quality and you will get loads of information from Vizag travel guide. You can try continental cuisines or delicious snacks.

Things To Do in Vizag

You can take a stroll by the beach and relax. Sunrise or moonrise on a full moon day is also a must watch. It is the ideal destination for nature lovers. You should also visit the Kailashgiri temple with a park on the hill top. You will love the viewpoints. Don’t miss the train journey from Vizag to Araku because it is the most enjoyable train routes. There are even some trekking points nearby, and you can be a part of the same.

Culture And Festivals in Vizag

Vizag has a rich cultural heritage. Regardless of the industrial and economic development of the city, the locals did not lose their traditional culture. Most of the festivals held are a showcase of the rich culture. The festivals are characterised by vibrancy, enthusiasm and feasts and are responsible for contributing to Vizag tourism to a great extent. Numerous fairs are also held that display the different specialties of the city. Dhimsa Dance is one of the most well-known cultural programs. The city is also known to celebrate every festival.

Shopping in Vizag

There is a plethora of things that you can buy from Vizag from the multitude of stores. Ranging from clothing, jewellery to unique handicrafts, there are stuffs through which you can fulfil your shopping desire. You can even look forward to buying an impressive collection of sandalwood sculptures. Some of the popular stores are R.K Family Stores, Chermas and CMR Central.

Facts And Travel Tips

Vizag is a safe city and you will not experience any problem. Moreover, if you have the Vizag travel guide with you, nothing can be better than that.

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