Vijaywada Tourism

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Vijaywada Tourism

Vijayawada or the place of victory is the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Located on the banks of River Krishna, it is surrounded by Indrakeeladri Hills on the west and Budameru River on the north. Currently, it is the business capital of the state. In the recent years, the prominence of Vijaywada tourism has increased to a great extent because there are several prominent places of tourist attention.

As far as, the history of the place is concerned, it is an integral part of the Vijaynagar Empire. The place also has its mention in several myths and legends. It is believed that Lord Shiva blessed Arjuna in this location.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Guntur is at about 31 km from Vijaywada and Kakinada at about 180 km. Warangal is at a distance of 198 km. It is at a distance of 275 km from the state capital of Hyderabad. Make sure that you follow the Vijaywada travel guide because it is an excellent source of information.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Vijaywada

The largest railway junction in the south is located here. This station is well connected to all the other Indian cities. The airport is located at Gannavaram, at a distance of 20 km from the city. It is a domestic airport and the nearest international airport is at Hyderabad.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Vijaywada

The summers are hot here with lots of humidity. However, winter is cool and pleasant. The best time for Vijaywada tourism is from October to March. The Deccan festival is also held at this time and continues for 5 days. In addition to that, this time is ideal for sightseeing, as well.

Transportation Medium

Today, the city is well developed and has good forms of transportation. You can take the buses to move anywhere in the city. Apart from that, you can also avail the option of auto rickshaws cycle rickshaws. The option of hiring taxis is also convenient to explore the city.

Food Specialty in Vijaywada

The most popular Hyderabadi Biriyani is available at the restaurants here. You can also try other cuisines like Tandoori and tikka. You will also get south Indian delicacies like Vada, Dosa and Idli. Taking a look at the Vijaywada travel guide is one of the best ways to know more about the city. You can also try drinking the city’s own version of filtered coffee

Things To Do in Vijaywada

There are lots of things to see in and around the city. In addition to that, you can also enjoy the nightlife her. Explore the museum in order to know the rich history of the place in a great way.

Culture And Festivals in Vijaywada

The city and its people embrace a rich culture, and this is reflected through their cuisines, lifestyles, rituals and customs. Along with being a business centre, it is also a religious centre. It celebrates lots of festivals and events round the year. Deccan festival is a prominent festival that the city celebrates with great zeal. In addition to that, they celebrate other Hindu festivals like Dushera and Diwali.

Shopping in Vijaywada

You can buy hosts of stuffs from Vijaywada ranging from handcrafts to silver jewelleries. There are again several places from where you can shop for these items like gift galleries in Besant Road. R R Bangles is a good place to buy exciting and antique silver jewelleries.

Facts And Travel Tips

Vijaywada is an excellent destination and is usually safe. Therefore, exploring the city will not at all be a problem when you are here. You will get a warm welcome from the locals here. Make sure that you follow the Vijaywada Vijaywada travel guide.

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