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About Vadodara

Vadodara or popularly known as Baroda is a major city in Gujarat. The place is named after Vad or banyan trees that flourish in this area. Currently, lots of companies and industries have made their ways into this city. In addition to that, Vadodara tourism is also an important part of the state’s economy. The city is located in the banks of Vishwamitri River.

It was formerly a princely state and continued to remain so till independence. There are many historical and cultural sites in this city. It is also considered as the cultural capital of the state. The prominent places attract the attention of large numbers of tourists.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Ahmedabad and Surat are nearby cities that you can visit from Vadodara. Taking a look at Vadodara travel guide will give you hosts of information about the popular cities and the distance from these cities.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Vadodara

Vadodara railway station is an important train station with trains from different parts of the country. The airport of the city is located outside the city, but has regular flights flying to different destinations of India.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Vadodara

Vadodara experiences a mix of tropical and Savannah climate and the weather varies according to the seasons. It experiences three main seasons, namely summer, monsoon and winter. Summers are hot and winters are dry. Summer ranges from March to June while winter is from November to February. However, the ideal time for Vadodara tourism is from March to October. Lots of fairs and festivals are also celebrated at this time of the year.

Transportation Medium

There are local means of transportation within the city. You can take the local buses and even three wheeler auto rickshaws. These means of transportation are not only convenient and comfortable, but also cheap.

Food Specialty in Vadodara

You will find lots of eateries in this city mostly offering vegetarian cuisines. You can try out the chats or other popular Gujarati snack at this place. Some restaurants also offer non-veg foods. A look at Vadodara travel guide will give you hosts of information about the cuisines of the city.

Things To Do in Vadodara

There are some beautiful places to see in Vadodara. In addition to that, you will also get the opportunity to do lots of things like enjoying in the water park. You can even a walk and explore the cultural richness of the city, as a whole. Baroda is a good place to learn different things about art.

Culture And Festivals in Vadodara

The cultural capital of the state also encourages Vadodara tourism to a great extent. The city is also planning to celebrate the international art and cultural festival. Arts and literature are prominent and reflect the past traditions. Apart from that, the city celebrates large numbers of other festivals round the year. Navaratri is celebrated with great zeal and fervour and attracts tourists in large numbers from different places.

Shopping in Vadodara

Nava bazar is one of the most popular destinations for shopping. You can shop clothes and handicrafts in this area. In addition to that, you will find wide varieties of products made of camel leather. Pure gold and stone colors are embossed in the camel skin and hide vessels and you should definitely shop for these stuffs.

Facts And Travel Tips

In general, Vadodara is a safe city. There are some typical rules that apply for traveling to this city like any other Indian city. If you have the Vadodara travel guide, you should not expect to face any problem. The place is heavily secured by local cops. The people of this city are also good and helpful.

Nearby Places Around Vadodara

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