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About Ujjain

Situated on the banks of River Shipra, Ujjain is a city in Madhya Pradesh. It is a holy city with its mention in the ancient Hindu scriptures. It also positions in equal terms with other religious centers of India. The mythological activity of Sagar Manthan makes it a sacred place and encourages Ujjain tourism to a great extent.

The history of the city can be traced back to the times of Lord Buddha. During the 4th century, it was the home of Emperor Ashoka. The city came under the rule of the Mauryas, Sunga and Satavahana kingdoms. During these times, Ujjain became a prominent trading center. It also served as a hot seat for Iltutmish. It came under the influence of the Sindhia Kings and was merged into MP after independence.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Indore is at a distance of 56 km while Bhopal is located at about 192 km. Dewas is at a distance of 73 km and Rajgarh at a distance of about 100 km. If you check out the Ujjain travel guide, it will be easy for you.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Ujjain

Ujjain junction is the nearest railway station in the western zone. It is well-connected with all the major cities of India. On the other hand, the closest airport is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar airport in Indore at a distance of 55 km. It is a domestic airport connected to other Indian cities.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Ujjain

The city experiences extreme climate conditions with very hot summers and very cold winters. The winter months are better than the summer because sightseeing becomes pleasant. The ideal time for Ujjain tourism is from October to March.

Transportation Medium

It is not difficult to travel around the city because there are various means of transport. You can avail the option of auto rickshaws, tongas or buses. On the other hand, you can also hure taxis to take a tour of the city.

Food Specialty in Ujjain

The kulfi or falooda icecream is famous here and you should not forget to miss Rabdi, as well. You can even try out the street chats that are highly popular here. Pani Puri is also mouth-watering. You can even try tikka chat

Things To Do in Ujjain

There are lots of places in and around Ujjain that you can explore. In fact, exploring the history of the place is an interesting thing you can do. There are museums you can visit or wonder at the architectural marvel.

Culture And Festivals in Ujjain

The culture of Ujjain is often a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism. However, the peole here celebrate each festival with great enthusiasm that reflects their culture. Simhastha is one of the famous bathing festivals celebrated in the city. It is celebrated once in every twelve years and draw Ujjain tourism. On the other hand, Magh Mala is a huge annual fair held on the banks of River Shipra. Navratri is also celebrated with great splendour and fervour. They also celebrate Maha Shivaratri.

Shopping in Ujjain

Do not forget to buy Noorjahan Mehandi and Jain Namkeen. These are famous all over India and getting them from Baafna Namkeen is an excellent idea. Apart from that, you can even buy general things like textiles for its quality. You can even buy items of pottery and metal ware from the various local and government run shops.

Facts And Travel Tips

Ujjain is the safest city. However, it remains a bit crowded during the celebration of festivals. You should be careful from touts, and book your accommodation in advance. If you have the Ujjain travel guide, you can be assured that you will not experience much of a problem.

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