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About Tirupati

Tirupati located in the Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh is considered as the most advanced towns. The city is famous for the temples, especially the Sri Venkateshwara temple on the top of the Tirumala Hills. It promotes Tirupati tourism to a great extent. Located in the Eastern Ghats, it is in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh.

The temple of Tirupati has a history that goes back in the 500 BC. The reference of this temple is also found the Ilango literature. Pallava kings were the earliest rulers of the place. However, the temple was brought into the limelight by the Alvars, who were the followers of Vishnu. Following this, Tirupati was ruled by several dynasties and expanded the temple structure.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

The popular cities located near Tirupati include Avadi at a distance of 95 km, Nellore at a distance of 107 km, Chennai at a distance of 113 km. If you take a look at Tirupati travel guide, you will get additional information and details regarding the same.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Tirupati

Tirupati railway station is an important station with trains from different parts of India. Another major railhead is Reniguntha, which is around 15 km and located in Trivandrum. Tirupati airport is also located in Reniguntha. It is a domestic flight connecting different cities of India.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Tirupati

Tirupati experiences hot summers and pleasant winters. December to February remains pleasant. However, the ideal time for Tirupati tourism is from September to March. It is a favorable destination for sightseeing and offers plenty of opportunities during the peak season. The hot summer months are not suitable for sightseeing.

Transportation Medium in Tirupati

You will not experience any difficulty in traveling around the city. The option of buses and taxis are available in plenty. You can rent them to explore the city.

Food Specialty in Tirupati

There are some good places from where you can have your meal. This is a place only for vegetarian meals, and you will get lots of south Indian cuisines like Dosa, Idli, Vada. Apart from that, you will also get free meals coupons after completing your visit to the temple. There are many other foods that you can try and Tirupati travel guide will be the best source of information.

Things To Do in Tirupati

Apart from the temple, there are hosts of other things to see and do in Tirupati. You can visit the famous temples in and around. In addition to that, there are also some good places for trekking in Mamanduru, located at a distance of 25 km from Tirupati.

Culture And Festivals in Tirupati

Food and dance festival held at Tirupati during February is a cultural attraction and reflects the cultural aspect of the city. The city is culturally enriched and is reflected through the dances and festiuvals. There are hosts of festivals that the city celebrates. Brahmotsavam is the most spectacular festival in September that is an attraction for Tirupati tourism. Apart from that, the city also celebrates Ram Navami and Janmashtami. These festivals are celebrated with great pomp and splendour. There are many other festivals that the city celebrates to display their cultural aspects in life.

Shopping in Tirupati

There are plenty of local markets that sell photos of the deities. You can also buy souvenirs. You can even buy idols of various statues in different sizes. In addition to that, you will find items that are sacred and symbolic. Try buying from Lepakshi Emporium and APco Handloom House located on Old Huzur Office Road.

Facts And Travel Tips

Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing while in the temple complex. Do not eat any non-veg items. In general, Tirupati is a safe city, but beware of the touts. If you have the Tirupati travel guide, it is expected that you will not meet with any problem.

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