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About Thrissur

Thrissur is a colloquial name that originated from Thrissivaperror. It is the spiritual and cultural capital of Kerala. It is situated at the central region of the state. The city is home to many cultural, academic and artistic institutions. It is place around a hillock with a temple. This is a major point in Thrissur tourism.

As far as the history of the city is concerned, it is highly enriched. The historical significance of the place cannot be overlooked because the city has experienced the rise and fall of several empires. Right from the Perumpadappu to Zamorins, Portuguese and British, there were many rulers that contributed to the fascinating history of Thrissur.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the popular cities located near Thrissur are Cochin at 60 km, Kollam 188 km and Dindigul at a distance of 192 km. A look at Thrissur travel guide will make things clear.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Thrissur

The rail station here is well connected with the rest of the Indian cities. Thrissur railway station is the major station in South India. Kochi International Airport is at a distance of 58 km and is linked with large numbers of domestic and international airports. The other closest airports are located at Kozhikode and Coimbatore.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Thrissur

The city experiences a mixed climate. They experience dry summers and pleasant winters. The best time for Thrissur tourism is from August to April and you can enjoy the festivals here.

Transportation Medium

Getting around within the city is not difficult because there are various means of transportation available for the same. You can take buses or auto rickshaws. Apart from that, you can even rent taxis, cars and bikes to take a tour of the city. Walking in this city is also a great way to explore the beauty.

Food Specialty in Thrissur

There are few restaurants in Thrissur that serves quality food. You will get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants in Thrissur. You can even expect to find an unbeatable range of Dosas, cheese, jam and even cashew dishes. Make sure that you do not miss out those dishes. You can try out the fresh Vellyappams and other delicacies. The best idea is to take a look at Thrissur travel guide so that you can make your decision.

Things To Do in Thrissur

There are lots of things that you can do while you are in Thrissur. The city celebrates lots of festivals, and you can be a part of those festivals. You can also visit different temples and find out the historical links of these temples.

Culture And Festivals in Thrissur

The city is culturally enriched and is also the cultural capital of the state. The culture is displayed through their rituals, customs and arts and architecture. Thrissur Poonam is one of the annual festivals that draws lots of people and promotes Thrissur tourism. It is also the hub of Onam. Puri Kali is a festival during Onam where people display their skills. The other celebrations are AAnayoottu and the feast of Saint Raphael.

Shopping in Thrissur

The city is mainly famous for the traditional designed gold ornaments. There are few shopping complexes and shops for traditional handicraft items. Some of the popular shops you will find here include Aishwarya Foreign Collection, Dubai Corner and Chithrapuri Duty Paid Shop. You will also love the beautiful silk sarees here.

Facts And Travel Tips

Thrissur is a safe city for tourists. Beware of pick pocketing. Take the precautionary measures that you would take while moving to any small city. Women should not move alone during the night. Take a look at the Thrissur travel guide to clarify things.

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