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About Surat

The city of Surat is located on the banks of River Tapti and is currently a port city. It is also the second largest city of Gujarat and also a major gem center. It is well-known for cutting and polishing diamonds.

Surat was a major port during the British era. However, a new port was constructed after the independence. It is believed that the city is culturally rich in large numbers of ways and is reflected through various things. This in turn also promotes Surat tourism.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

There are lots of popular places near Surat and you can get complete information on the same from Surat travel guide. Ankleshwar is located at a distance of 62 km and Vadodara is located at 151 km.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Surat

The Surat railway station is a well-developed station connected to major parts of India. In addition to that, the city also has its own domestic airport, but with limited connectivity. The nearest international airport is Ahmedabad at a distance of 286 km from Surat.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Surat

Surat experiences a tropical climate round the year and therefore has the full impact of the monsoons. However, the winters are much more pleasant and cool than the summers. The ideal time for Surat tourism is from September to February. This is the best time for sightseeing.

Transportation Medium

There are good and well-developed means of transportation in Surat. You can explore the city by bus or car. In addition to that, you can also tour the city by boat or taxi. Hiring cycles or cars are also excellent means of traveling around the city.

Food Specialty in Surat

There are some special and unique dishes in Surat that you should not afford to miss out. These include Surti Undhiyu, Locho, Rasawala Khaman, Surti Ghari and cold coco. In fact, many popular Gujarati cuisine originated from this region. Ponk is also another specialty of this place. There are good numbers of eateries and restaurants services these delicious dishes. You can get complete information from Surat travel guide. There is a popular saying that Surat is the place for food and some celebrations are centred on food.

Things To Do in Surat

You will find lots of things to see in this city. You can take a tour of the nature park or the museum. You can even take a tour of the various historical sites in order to explore the history of the city in some of the best ways. You can even check out the diamond market in the city.

Culture And Festivals in Surat

The city of Surat is culturally enriched and shows the influence of the past. They celebrate wide varieties of events, fairs and festivals in order to promote Surat tourism. Various cultural performances take place in these events. Surat is also well-known for the celebration of the festival called Chandi Padvo. It is celebrated around October on the biggest full moon day of the year. Some of the other festivals that they celebrate include Navaratri, Chak Phra, Surat Thani Long Boat Race and many more.

Shopping in Surat

There are plenty of things to buy in Surat. The precious stones and diamonds are something that you should not afford to miss out buying. Surat is also the home to several textile markets including saris and dress materials. There are lots of shopping malls and markets from where you can continue shopping. You can check out at Iscon Mall

Facts And Travel Tips

Surat is one of the safest cities in Gujarat. You can even take a walk or drive in the late hours. The people of Surat are casual and good attitude towards others and they avoid any form of confrontation. With the availability of Surat travel guide, traveling across the city will be easier.

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