Rameshwaram Tourism

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Rameshwaram Tourism

Being one of the holiest places in Tamil Nadu, Rameshwaram has attracted the attention of lots of people. It is located on a beautiful island and is separated by Pamban Channel from Sri Lanka. Every year, thousands of people visit the place with holy intentions to offer their sacred prayers to Lord Rama. The place is also associated with Hindu mythology and Lord Shiva is also worshipped in this place. It is one of the famous jyotirlingas and promotes Rameshwaram tourism.

Apart from the mythological significance, the place also has lots of historical significance in the sense that it was ruled by several dynasties one after the other. The rich architecture displayed through the temples is also another fascinating point for proving the enriched history and culture of the place.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Madurai is located at a distance of 168 km from Rameshwaram while Kanyakumari is at a distance of 297 km. Tuticorin is at a distance of 183 km. Hence, the wisest option is to check out with Rameshwaram travel guide so that you have complete information on the details.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Rameshwaram

The Mandapan station in Rameshwaram is well connected to major south Indian cities. The nearest airport is at Madurai at a distance of 163 km. It is connected to many other cities.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Rameshwaram

The city experiences a tropical climate. The winters start from November to February while summers are from March to June. The ideal time for Rameshwaram tourism is from October to June because the weather remains pleasant and offers the opportunity for sightseeing. Moreover, it is also during this time period that the people here celebrate large numbers of festivals.

Transportation Medium

Rameshwaram is a highly popular destination due to which you will not have difficulty in travelling around the city. You can find buses in plenty. In addition to that, you can even avail the option of auto rickshaws. You can even look for rickshaws.

Food Specialty in Rameshwaram

You can expect to get some of the best foods in this place. You can get excellent Gujarati meals and other vegetarian delights. Apart from rice and curry, you can also look forward to getting south Indian foods like dosa or vada.

Things To Do in Rameshwaram

There are some interesting things that you can do while you are in Rameshwaram. You can take a glass boat ride and watch out the beautiful coral reefs in the sea. There are lots of temples that you can also explore and know the city, as a whole.

Culture And Festivals in Rameshwaram

The culture of Rameshwaram comprise of a fine blend of legendary stories, religion and architectural brilliance. The people here are religious minded. They reflect their enriched culture by celebrating large numbers of festivals. The handicrafts they make are also reflective of their culture and promote Rameshwaram tourism. Right from the Car festival to the Kavadi festival, they celebrate hosts of festivals. Tiru Kalyana is also celebrated with rituals while the Karthika Deepam festival is another popular festival that they celebrate.

Shopping in Rameshwaram

Check out the Kalam sea shell market where you will get plenty of items made of sea shells. In addition to that, you can check out the silk emporiums to buy silk sarees. Kurinji Textiles in GP Road is a great place to shop. Khadi shops are also exclusive here.

Facts And Travel Tips

It is a popular tourist destination and is considered to be highly safe because the people are friendly. You can also visit many other destinations from here. A look at the Rameshwaram travel guide will give complete information on the same.

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