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About Puri

Puri is the most sacred center for Hindus in India. Located in Orissa, it is also known as the Abode of Lord Jagannath. It is a pilgrimage town and a major tourist destination. It is situated along the coasts of Bay of Bengal and contributes to Puri tourism. Today, it is also an emerging industrial area and is popular for fish curing and handicrafts.

The Hindu mythology contains the name of this place as the resting place of Lord Vishnu. It is also a large depository for art and architecture. The history of the place dates back to 3rd century BC. The history and heritage of Puri, Konark and Bhubaneshwar are majestic. After the 12th century, Puri gained status as a religious place. Ganga dynasty and even the Mughal dynasty established their rules here. Even the Marathas and British gained control over it.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

You can easily visit Cuttack located at a distance of 82 km. Bhubaneshwar is at a distance of 61 km from Puri. In fact, there are many other places that you can visit and by taking a look at Puri travel guide, you can make your exploration.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Puri

Puri is a major railway station. You will get regular trains from Puri to many other cities. Biju Patnaik airport is the nearest airport and is located at Bhubaneshwar. It is located only 56 km from Puri and is connected to many other Indian cities.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Puri

Puri experiences hot summers and mild winters. The ideal time for Puri tourism is from June to March. October to November experiences the most pleasant weather offering options for sightseeing.

Transportation Medium

You will not have difficulty in travelling within the city. There are buses, cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws available in plenty. Apart from that, you can even rent a motorbike to travel across the city.

Food Specialty in Puri

You can get both veg and non veg restaurants in Puri. These restaurants serve good quality meals. One of the most important things that you will get here is Gaja. It is used as an offering to Lord Jagannath and it is a tasty sweet snack. You will mostly get Bengali dishes here like fish curry and rice. Check out the Puri travel guide to obtain more information. There are even many stalls near the beach selling tasty items.

Things To Do in Puri

There are lots of places to see and do in and around Puri. You can simply sit by the beach or take a bath in the sea. The sea is also ideal for swimming and surfing. You can even visit the Nandan Kanan Zoo or visit the famous temples. The dolphin sanctuary is also quite popular here.

Culture And Festivals in Puri

Puri engulfs the cultural heritage of ancient India along with the historical temples, traditional Hindu beliefs and even the sacred rituals. The city celebrates lots of festivals with great zeal. One of the major festival is Ratha Yatra which draws large numbers of tourists, Puri beach festival also gives a taste of the cultural heritage that it possesses promoting Puri tourism, as a whole. The other festivals celebrated include Prathamashtami, Raja Parba and many more.

Shopping in Puri

There are lots of things that you can buy from Puri. Ranging from the traditional handicrafts to the famous Ikkat silk saris and materials, you will have no dearth of options. You can even buy items made of sea shells or materials made in applique works. The government emporium and Raghurajpur have good shops.

Facts And Travel Tips

Beware of the pandas. Stay away from the monkeys and do not lure them with foods. Try to avoid eating prawns. Otherwise, Puri is safe and the Puri travel guide will certainly prove to be of great help.

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