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About Pune

Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra and is also the major cultural hub of the state. The glorious history of Pune is more than 1600 years old. The presence of Pataleshwar Caves is prominent since the 5th century, and is the evidence of the oldest settlement of Pune. The city also has reflections of the Rashtrakut dynasty. It was also dominated by the Maratha Empire and the presence of forts and palaces mark a prominent part of Pune Tourism. The flamboyant past has a rich history of several dynasties and the legacy is maintained through glorious temples and monuments. It is a small city, but is growing very fast. It is also known as the automobile hub of India with large numbers of automobile companies. It is also an educational hub and is thronging with students from different corners. The Osho International Meditation Resort is very famous. Pune is situated at the convergence of two rivers, Mula and Mutha.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

The distance of Pune from nearby cities like Ambarnath, Bhiwandi and Bombay is 102 km, 119 km and 120 km respectively. Check out Pune travel guide for more details.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Pune

In the Indian Railways, Pune is an important railway junction. There are good rail networks that connect Pune with other cities of India. The airport of Pune is located at a distance of 10 km from the main city. It connects Pune to many other cities of India.

Weather And Best Time To Visit Pune

The city experiences both hot and cold climates. Winters are from November to February while the summer ranges from March to June. However, the idea time to visit is from October to February. July to September is the monsoon and offers a mesmerizing experience to the tourists.

Transportation Medium

The city bus is one of the main means of traveling across the city. Apart from that, there are options of auto rickshaws and two-wheelers. The Pune suburban railways also connect Pune to Lonavla. You can also get around in the car. This is the best Pune travel guide that you can get.

Food Specialty in Pune

It is a great food hub and you can find cuisines of different place. There is no specialized cuisine in Pune, but the eateries serve multiple cuisines. Do not miss out Misals if you are fond of spices. You can look forward to getting good Maharashtra cuisines like Bada Pav, Masal Pav and Pav Bhaaji.

Things To Do in Pune

There are prominent and fascinating destinations in Pune that forms an important part of Pune tourism. Apart from visiting those places, you can take a joy ride in the Gliding Centre or visit the famous water park. Bird watching, trekking or horse rising, etc are popular activities that you can do here.

Culture and Festivals in Pune

The cultural capital of the state celebrates lots of cultural events and festivals round the year. Right from the Ganesh Mahotsav to the Osho Festival, Chaturshringri Fair to the Pune International Film Festival, there are hosts of events and festivals celebrated attracting lots of tourists.

Shopping in Pune

You will find some of the excellent ranges of street shops in this city. If you follow the Pune travel guide, you will get to know lots about the shopping destinations. You can buy sweets and other handicrafts from the shops. Kolhapuri Chappals are great stuffs to buy. You can shop from Laxmi Road, Fashion Street, Hongkong Lane, M.G Road and many more.

Facts And Travel Tips

Pune is undoubtedly a very safe place and the level of crime is low. This is one of the prominent reasons for which Pune tourism has received such a huge attention.

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