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About Pahalgam

The Pahalgam valley located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is fascinating and beautiful in every possible aspect. Located at the confluence of Lidder River and the streams from Sheshnag Lake, it is at an altitude of 2130 m above the sea level. The lush green valleys and the picturesque views offer relaxation and leisure to the visitors and attract Pahalgam tourism.

You can easily spend few days in this small valley town for perfect relief and serenity. The panoramic views of the amazing Himalayan ranges are also wonderful. The British also used to come to this place. It was occupied by the Mughals. Later, it was occupied by other rulers and remained under different dynasties till independence.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Srinagar is at a distance of 49 km from Pahalgam. Jammu is 151 km and Sialkot is at a distance of 186 km. The best idea is to check out the Pahalgam travel guide so that you have hosts of information regarding the same.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Pahalgam

The nearest rail station is at Jammu and is at a distance of 255 km. On the other hand, the nearest airport is Srinagar airport at a distance of 95 km. It is a domestic airport connected with other Indian cities.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Pahalgam

The region experiences a cool and pleasant climate during the summers, but winters are chilly and freezing. It is said that the best time for Pahalgam tourism is from March to October. Following this, many roads also become inaccessible to tourists because of snowfall. At this time, you can enjoy sightseeing and take part in adventurous activities.

Transportation Medium

There are buses and taxis available to reach the place. You can explore the region by walking or ponies. You can eve hire taxis for exploring the place in the best way.

Food Specialty in Pahalgam

There are many restaurants and dhabas in this location serving excellent varieties of foods. Right from vegetarian dishes to non-vegetarian delights and Tibetan dishes like momo, you will get everything here. The Kashmiri cuisines are definitely prominent. In fact, it is a wise idea to check out the Pahalgam travel guide for complete information.

Things To Do in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is the ideal destination for different adventurous activities. Hence, you will have lots of things to do apart from relaxing. You can play gold, horse riding, and trekking. You can also get indulged in the water sports like rafting. The glacier treks are also very interesting.

Culture And Festivals in Pahalgam

The culture is a blend of Hindu and Muslim lifestyles. This is evident in their clothing, cuisines and dialects. They have a rich cultural heritage that fascinates the tourists. Kashmir Folk festival is a popular festival they celebrate and attract Pahalgam tourism. They also celebrate a snow festival apart from the traditional festivals like Diwali, Dushera or Christmas. The annual holy Amarnath Yatra also starts from this point.

Shopping in Pahalgam

There are many shops selling wide varieties of Kashmir stuffs. Ranging from shawls, carpets to the unique stitch embroidered articles, you can buy lots of stuffs. You can shop gabbas from the Pahalgam main market. In addition to that, you can also try shopping from Kasmiri Emporium where you will get some of the most fascinating collection of Kashmir handicrafts and embroideries. Don’t miss out the phirans.

Facts And Travel Tips

Currently, it is a safe place, and you will not experience any problem in touring the place. Make sure that you have warm clothes along with the essential shoes for trekking. The people are hostile and friendly. You can check out the Pahalgam travel guide in order to know more details.

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