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About Nashik

Nashik is a city situated in the banks of the Godavari River in Maharashtra. It is the perfect blend of the old and the new, the scared and the intoxicating experiences. It is located at a height of 500 meter above the sea level the city is more about religious celebrations and fine wine. In fact, these are the major sources of Nashik tourism. It is a pilgrimage center of the Hindus.

It is immersed in rich cultural heritage and got its name from the great epic of Ramayana. The place is associated with mythological significance because it is here where Shoorpanakha tried to seduce Lord Ram. The city is also enriched with historical significance with forts, temples and palaces. It is believed that during the ancient times, drops of amrit fell at a nearby site.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

It is the landing city of Shirdi and Trambakeshwaar, both of which are important pilgrimage centers. A look at Nashik travel guide will also help you understand that it is closely located to Mumbai and Pune. Nanduri is located at a distance of 75 km from Nashik, and you can also visit this place.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Nashik

Nashik Road railway station is the nearest station located at a distance of 9 km from the heart of the city. The station has regular trains from different parts of India. The closest airport in Mumbai Chhatrapati International Airport, located at a distance of 171 km from the city. The airport is connected to different parts of the world.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Nashik

Nashik has very hot summers and cool winters. Summer season ranges from March to May while winters range from December to February. Nashik tourism is best from October to March because of the moderate and pleasant climate.

Transportation Medium

You can look for a car in rent in order to get around the city. You will also find a Nashik Darshan bus that will take you to the important tourist destination every day. The regional public bus service is also good. Auto rickshaws are also cheaper means of travelling around the city.

Food Specialty in Nashik

There are some good quality restaurants serving authentic Marathi cuisines. In addition to that, you can also expect to find foods from various regions including continental cuisines, as well. If you look at the Nashik travel guide, things will be easy to determine.

Things To Do in Nashik

Once you are in Nashik, you will find plenty of places to visit. In addition to that, you can explore the small city by foot and discover the ancient history and beliefs of the people. There are some good waterfalls and dams located near the town, and you can even visit there to relax and enjoy.

Culture And Festivals in Nashik

The culture of the city is greatly reflected through the art and literature. Nashik also celebrates lots of events and festivals during the peak season. The most important festival is Kumbh Mela that is conducted once in every twelve years and is the source of Nashik tourism.

Shopping in Nashik

The silverware craftsmanship is one of the most popular items for buying in Nashik. The old shopping center will also offer everything that you want. Saraf Bazar is a good place for buying ornaments and silverware. You can even buy chocolate, dry fruits and wine bottles from Nashik.

Facts And Travel Tips

Nashik is a very small city and considered to be safe. Marathi is the official language of the state, but knowledge of Hindi is helpful. If you have the Nashik travel guide, you can expect to explore the city in the best way.

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