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About Mussoorie

The green hills and the varied flora and fauna are what make Mussoorie a fascinating hill station. Bordered by the Himalayan ranges in the northeast and the amazing views of the Doon Valley in the South, the town has a fairyland atmosphere that also contributes to Mussoorie tourism to a great extent. The scenic beauty of the place offers an amazing retreat for the city residents.

The present site was explored by an adventurous military officer. The popularity was further enhanced by the British officials as the gateway of summer. Located at an altitude of 2000 meters, this hill resort in Uttaranchal is something not to be missed.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

You can visit Dehradun that is located close to Mussoorie. Apart from that, you can also reach Haridwar easily. The Mussoorie travel guide will be a great source of reliable information for you.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Mussoorie

There is no railway station in Mussoorie. You will have to get down at Dehradun railway station located at a distance of 60 km from the town. Dehradun railway station is well connected to other Indian station. The nearest airport is Jollygrant at a distance of 60 km and is connected to other domestic airports.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Mussoorie

Since it is a hill station, the climate remains cool and pleasant throughout the year promoting excellent Mussoorie tourism. Winter starts from October to February and summer season ranges from March to June. However, the ideal time to visit the town is from September to June. It is during the summers that you can get indulged in lots of tourist activities along with trekking and hiking.

Transportation Medium

It is a small town, and hence you can explore the most of it by foot. However, you will get the option of rickshaw or taxi to get around the place. With the Mussoorie travel guide, things will be easier for you to determine while planning your trip.

Food Specialty in Mussoorie

Mussoorie will have lots of delicious cuisines served at the eateries, cafes and restaurants. The home grown Basmati rice makes excellent Biriyani that you should not afford to miss out. Apart from that, you will get both North India and South Indian delicacies in this location.

Things To Do in Mussoorie

You will find various places to see and explore. Apart from that, you can take part in wide varieties of adventure activities ranging from trekking to hiking. You can also relax peacefully and watch the mighty waterfalls. You will also love walking around the town.

Culture And Festivals in Mussoorie

The picturesque hill station reflects a diversity of culture. Mussoorie is a place with a combination of religious shrines, rich heritage and art and music, as a whole. There is a mixture of Garhwalis and Tibetans and they follow unique customs. It is the diversity in the cultural heritage that is the key to Mussoorie tourism. They give lots of emphasis on the celebration of different fairs and festivals. Some of these include Basant Panchami, Hariyala, etc.

Shopping in Mussoorie

There are several amazing things that you can buy from this hill destination. You can get wooden handicrafts locally made. In addition to that, you will also find lots of antique items and they are highly popular. There are some famous stores that sell these items. Homemade chocolates are also a good stuff to buy.

Facts And Travel Tips

Mussoorie is one of the favorite destinations for honeymooners. It is a safe place, and if you have read the Mussoorie travel guide, you will not experience any problem. The people are warm, friendly and hospitable and they will welcome you.

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