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About Madurai

Madurai is famous as a temple town in south India. Situated in the banks of River Vagai, it experiences hosts of tourists and pilgrims round the year. It is associated with the Kingdom of Pandya kings. The place reflects a great cultural heritage along with strong mythological history. The city is constructed in the form of lotus and is also known as lotus city.

Madurai and its history is more than 2000 years old. Megasthenes mentioned the name of the city in his document. It also finds a place Arthashastra. Even Roman historians have mentioned the name of this place. Later, it came under the Tughlaks and Mughals. It was also captured by the Vijaynagar Empire when it functioned as an independent state. It came under the rule of British India and now lots of Madurai tourism is promoted.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the prominent destinations near Madurai include Kodaikanal, Thekkady, Rameshwaram, Munnar and Kuttralam. The Madurai travel guide will give complete information on these places so that you can safely explore these cities.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Madurai

Madurai has its own railway station with trains connecting different parts of India. On the other hand, Madurai airport is only 10 km from the heart of the city. It is a domestic airport and Chennai is the nearest international airport.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Madurai

Madurai experiences hot and dry climate at most times of the year. Winter ranges from December to February while summers range from March to June. In any case, the ideal time to visit Madurai is from October to March. The weather remains comparatively pleasant and appeals to Madurai tourism to a great extent.

Transportation Medium

It is an important tourist destination, and hence the mode of transportations is plenty. You can take a bus or even travel by an auto rickshaw. On the other hand, you can even book a car to tour around the city.

Food Specialty in Madurai

The special food that you will find in Madurai is known as ‘Manadirkku idhamana sappadu’. The cuisine reflects the tastes of the Tamils. There are lots of restaurants that serve vegetarian foods mainly. However, the Madurai travel guide will also give ideas on the non-veg shops available.

Things To Do in Madurai

There are plenty of places to see and things to do in and around Madurai. There are hosts of temples and palaces and you can take a historic walk in these places. You will also find the Gandhi museum that you can explore. Make sure that you do not miss out the Meenakshi Temple.

Culture And Festivals in Madurai

The culture of the city is evident through the glorious temples and palaces. The rich culture is also expressed through the dance form. The festivals here are celebrated in grand pomp and splendour. The festivals celebrated reflect the diversity in culture, customs and rituals. Some of the most prominent festivals celebrated here include Pongal, Dance festival, Navaratre, Jalikattu, Avanimoolam and many more. These festivals contribute a lot to Madurai tourism.

Shopping in Madurai

Madurai is a major commercial centre is South India. You can buy items made of world’s highest quality granite stone. Cotton handloom sarees are also popular here. You can invest on handicrafts, paintings and even antiques. There are lots of stores and emporiums from where you can buy these stuffs.

Facts And Travel Tips

Madurai is a relatively safe place, but you should be aware of the touts. However, there is no such night life and it is better not to shop at night. By taking a look at Madurai travel guide, you will get ideas. Knowledge of Tamil or English is preferable.

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