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About Madikeri

Madikeri is a picturesque locale in Coorg. Located in Karnataka in between Mangalore and Mysore, this place has drawn the attention of large numbers of tourists since years. It was named after the King Mudduraja that ruled here. The lush forests, the mystic hills and the acres of tea and coffee plantation are the greatest sources of Madikeri tourism.

The history of this hills station is associated with the history of Coorg to a great extent. It was ruled by the Kadambas and Gangas. Following this, the Cholas became the rulers, but later lost to the Hoysalas. Coorg fell to Vijaynagar kings, but they were defeated by the Haleri Kings. The place came to be popularly known as Madikeri after the British rule.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the popular places that you can visit are Coorg at 19.6 km, Hassan at a distance of 115 km Mangalore at a distance of 138 km and Mysore at about 118 km. The best idea is to look at the Madikeri tourism so that you get complete ideas of the places to explore.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Madikeri

Hassan is the nearest rail station to Madikeri. The other stations are Kannur, Thalassery and Kasrgod. These are located about 115 km from the hill station. The major rail station is Mangalore that is connected to all other cities. Mangalore terminal is the nearest airport, located at a distance of 143 km. the nearest international airport is however Karipur in Kozhikode.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Madikeri

This beautiful hill resort has moderate climates round the year. However, the time from October to April is ideal for Madikeri tourism. The cool, crisp and clear weather offers opportunities for sightseeing. In addition to that, it also offers opportunities for trekking activities. You can even take part in the festivals.

Transportation Medium

The beautiful hill station has good transportation option for the locals and tourists. You can get buses and taxis. Apart from that, you can even rent bicycles to explore the small town. Some people even prefer walking on foot.

Food Specialty in Madikeri

The hill station is famous for pork. Hence, you should definitely try out the delicious pork dishes. In addition to that, you can also expect to get vegetarian dishes like Appam and Stew in large numbers of eateries and restaurants. Both north Indian and south Indian foods are available and you can check out the Madikeri travel guide.

Things To Do in Madikeri

Apart from the picturesque sightseeing opportunities, you will have plethora of things to do. You can go for trekking, hiking or nature walks. In fact, there are lots of trekking spots available here. Bird watching or spending a leisurely holiday can also be excellent options for you.

Culture And Festivals in Madikeri

It is the land of the Kodavas and people wear distinctive dresses that reflect their culture. They also follow many distinctive practices like martial war dances and carrying ceremonial knives. Communal gatherings, feasts and dancing along with their special meat dishes are also a part of their culture. The main festivals celebrated here are Kalipodhu, Sankramana, Dasara and Puttari. Karaga festival is also an important part of Madikeri tourism.

Shopping in Madikeri

The place is famous for tea and coffee. Hence, you should buy items. In addition to that, you might even find good quality liquor and spuces. There are small market places where you might get handicrafts. You can get them from Spices Mall, Olive Planet, etc.

Facts And Travel Tips

Madhikeri welcomes the visitors with open arms. You will love the undulating topography in different shades of green and is regarded as a highly safe place. Make sure that you follow the Madikeri travel guide so that you can explore the city in the best way.

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