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About Lonavala

A popular hill station, located at a height of 625 mt above the sea level, Lonavala is a great place for tourist attraction. It lies in the western side of Maharashtra and offers some scenic and spectacular beauties. The exquisite beauty of the expanding hills offers a romantic gateway away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Lonavala tourism has undoubtedly flourished to a great extent in the recent years. The panoramic views of the Deccan plateau and the Konkan Coast make it an amazing destination, as a whole.

Lonavala has historical importance and the history can be traced back to the Maratha Empire. The Maratha Ruler Shivaji made many forts here to guard the empire.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

It is located at a distance of 90 km from Mumbai and about 65 km from Pune. The place is easily accessible by road and train from both these cities.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Lonavala

Lonavala railway station lies in the main line between Mumbai and Pune. Several express trains also stop here. Mumbai and Pune have trains connecting to all the other cities in India. As you take a look into the Lonavala travel guide, you will find that the main airport is Pune airport, located at a distance of 64 km. Pune is connected to different cities in India. Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport is the closest international airport.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Lonavala

It enjoys a moderate climate and winters start from November to February while summer season is from March to May. Monsoons from June to September offer amazing Lonavala tourism. October to March is the ideal time to visit.

Transportation Medium in Lonavala

There are several means of transportation through which you can travel around. You can hire taxis. Apart from that, the option of cycle or auto rickshaw will also make things easy for you.

Food Specialty in Lonavala

The hot masala chai is a specialty of Lonavala and you should not miss it out at any cost. The vadapav is also a great snack and the hot bhajiyas go well with the chai. Hot corn is also a speciality and you will find them in any eatery or restaurant. As you have the Lonavala travel guide, things will be easier for you.

Things to Do in Lonavala

It is an excellent idea to visit Lonavala during the monsoons because you can have real fun in getting drenched in the waterfalls. You can also sit on the steps of the Bushy Dam and enjoy a relaxing time. You can also trek into the hills during the summer when most of the lakes are dried. Walking along the edges of the lake is also an excellent option. Walk through the gushy water to reach the beautiful waterfall of the Bushy dam.

Culture And Festivals in Lonavala

The rich art and craft reflects the culture of Lonavala. The population is mainly dominated by the Hindus and most of them are religious in nature. Ganesh Chaturthi and Vijaydashami are the two major festivals celebrated with great pomp and splendour and attract lots of tourists. The DFusion Music festival is also prominent point of Lonavala tourism.

Shopping in Lonavala

The hard candy known as Chikki is famous in Lonavala. You can shop for wide varieties of Chikkis here ranging from groundnut to chocolates to dry fruits. You can also buy lots of handicrafts. There are several small and local stores where you will find these items easily and at affordable prices. You can try buying from Lonavala bazar.

Facts And Travel Tips

Lonavala is a beautiful destination and the people are friendly and hospitable. It is also a safe place and the Lonavala travel guide will be a great source of reliable information for you.

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