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About Kolkata

Kolkata was formerly known as Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal located in the eastern part of India. It is often said that Kolkata has resemblance with London, and this is mainly because it was the capital of British East Indian Company. The city is deeply immersed in history and reflects the gems of the British era. The city has a unique charm that is not available anywhere else. This is one of the prominent factors for Kolkata tourism. The city became prominent during the British Era and several freedom fighters belong to this city. It is also known as the city of Joy and located on the banks of Hoogly River. The rich history, the graceful culture is undoubtedly gorgeous. The long association of Kolkata with British is also reflected through the marvelous Victoria Memorial. The art, culture and architecture is reflected through several other monuments and mansions.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the popular cities near Kolkata include Howrah at a distance of 6.5 km, Baranagar at 7.9 km and Barasat at 20 km. These are easily accessible through various means of transportation.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Kolkata

Howrah and Sealdah are the two major railway stations in Kolkata and they are well connected to different Indian cities. Lately the Kolkata Station has also become popular. Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport is only 17 km from the heart of the city. It is well connected to major cities in India and abroad. This useful Kolkata travel guide will help in planning a tour.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Kolkata

Kolkata has a wet and dry climate and the time from October to March is the ideal time to visit the city.

Transportation Medium

The yellow ambassador taxis are the best means of moving around the city. A look at Kolkata travel guide will also give you an idea of the other cheaper means of transportation. You can travel by metro, by taxi or tram. In addition to that, buses and local trains also ply across the city making it easy for travelers. Auto rickshaws and rickshaws are other popular means of transportation.

Food Specialty in Kolkata

Kolkata is known for its food, especially the Bengali cuisines. Rasogolla is a famous sweet that you should not miss out trying. Apart from that, you can also try lots of fresh fish dishes like curry fish and rice. Street foods are also famous here. There are eateries and restaurants that serve lots of delicious cuisines.

Things to Do in Kolkata

There are some fascinating places to see in Kolkata. Apart from that, you can take a walk along the River Ganga and take a stroll in Princep Ghat. You can even take a boat cruise or be a part of the Kolkata book fair that is the largest book fair in Asia. These offer prominence to Kolkata tourism.

Culture And Festivals in Kolkata

The city is culturally enriched and is reflected through the different events, fairs and festivals. Durga Puja is the most prominent festival that becomes an important part of tourist attraction. They also celebrate Kali Puja or Diwali and other religious festivals including the International Book Fair.

Shopping in Kolkata

You can get to buy lots of stuffs here at reasonable prices. Handicrafts produce in eastern India are famous. Saris and leather goods are also specialties. New Market is the best place to shop as you can get lots of bargains. Apart from that, there are other local markets and shopping malls, as well. Gariahat is a great option.

Facts And Travel Tips

Kolkata travel guide will give you complete information about the safety of the city. Bengali is the official language, but since it is a cosmopolitan city, you can speak in English and Hindi, as well. People are friendly and helpful compared to other cities.

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