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About Khandala

Khandala in Maharashtra has some of the most spectacular views and natural vistas with lustrous valleys, impressive hills, magnificent cascades and beautiful lakes. It is situated at an altitude of 625 meters above the sea level in the foothills of the Sahyadris. Khandala tourism has become very prominent in the recent years, especially appealing to the frenzy life of Mumbai residents.

Khandala likes in the Mumbai to Pune route. Situated at the end of the Bhor Valley, it is a popular hiking destination for the locals and tourists alike. However, there is no reliable historical evidence regarding the founder. The scenic beauty increases during the monsoons that reveals a charm altogether. The hill station is marked with obscure past and has experienced the rise and fall of the empires like the Marathas, Peshwas and even the English.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the popular places near Khandala are Khopoli located about 16 km, Lonavala at a distance of 29 km, Pune at around 60 km and Mumbai 78 km. You can take a look at the Khandala travel guide will reveal complete information on the same.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Khandala

Lonavala is the nearest rail station to Khandala that connects to Pune and Mumbai with regular trains from cities across India. The nearest domestic airport is Pune at a distance of 66 km. However, the nearest international airport is Mumbai that has flights for different cities and countries.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Khandala

Summers are warm and winters are mild. It experiences monsoons with heavy rainfall. It is during the monsoons that the beauty of the place is heightened and contributes to Khandala tourism. The lush greenery of the place becomes mesmerizing and appealing during the monsoons. However, Khandala can be visited at any time of the year.

Transportation Medium

There are buses that can take you to Khandala. You can explore the city by hiring a cycle or motorcycle. Walking by foot is also a great way to explore the hill resort. Cars are also available for rents.

Food Specialty in Khandala

Since Khandala is a popular tourist destination, you can expect to find lots of food joints and restaurants serving good quality food. Freshly roasted corn and Vada Pav are specialties of this hill destination. At the same time, you can also look forward to trying some of the mouth-watering Gujarati, south Indian, north Indian and Chinese delicacies. The Khandala travel guide will be a great source of information for you.

Things To Do in Khandala

You can find some spectacular and mind-blowing places to see in Khandala. In addition to that, it is also a good spot for trekking and hiking. In fact, it is one of the popular spots for adventure lovers. You might also like white water rafting.

Culture And Festivals in Khandala

The city is culturally enriched and is displayed through the customs and celebrations. Khandala celebrates large numbers of festivals in reflection of its culture, tradition and rituals. Banganga festival is popularly celebrated with great splendor during August. Ganesh Chaturthi is also celebrated here and these are the sources of Khandala tourism.

Shopping in Khandala

You will love shopping in Khandala. Most of the shops sell chikkis of different kinds. You can also find local handicrafts and souvenirs and small items to carry back home for your loved ones. You can also buy wafers, jams and chiwda along with various types of sevs as the best Indian snacks.

Facts And Travel Tips

Khandala is a fascinating tourist destination and is regarded as safe. You will love the warm and friendly welcome by the people. Make sure that you have checked out the Khandala travel guide so that you do not experience any problem, as a whole.

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