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About Kerala

Kerala, a state in the South-western region of India is also often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’. Situated on the Malabar Coast, Kerala tourism has flourished in the recent years. It was formed by combining several Malayalam speaking regions. Bordered by Tamil Nadu to the east and Karnataka to the north and Lakshwadeep in the west, it is enriched with history.

It was prominent as a spice exporter and was ruled by the Chera dynasty. Cholas and Pandyas also frequently attacked the region. The spice trade attracted the Portuguese traders and led to the European colonization. However, the state was formed after independence. The lofty palm trees, paddy fields, backwaters and swamps attract and win the hearts of tourists.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Kochi and Ernakulum, Varkala, Covalam, munnar, Kumarkam, Wayanad, etc. are popular destinations that can be easily visited from any destination in Kerala. The Kerala travel guide will give you complete information on the same.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Kerala

The Ernakulum junction and several other stations have trains connecting Kerala with different other cities. There are three airports in the state that have flights for domestic and international destinations. These are Cochin International Airport, Kozhikode International Airport and Thiruvanthapuram International Airport. These are connected to different cities in India and abroad.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Kerala

Kerala experiences a tropical climate, and this contributes a lot to Kerala tourism. It experiences heavy rainfall round the year. The summer season lasts from mid-February to mid-May. Monsoon starts from May and follows till September. Mild winter is experienced from October to February. However, the ideal time to visit is from August to March.

Transportation Medium in Kerala

The mode of transportation is good in the state. You can tour different parts of the state in trains and buses. Apart from that, you can even hire cars and taxis. Motorbikes and cycles are other common options of transportation. Ferry is also a popular form of transport.

Food Specialty in Kerala

If you follow a Kerala travel guide, you will understand the food specialty. A Keralite meal is taken on a banana leaf and comprises of rice and curry. Apart from that, there are several dishes like idli, pulisherry, puttu payar pappadam, rasam and many more. These are served in large numbers of eateries and restaurants.

Things To Do in Kerala

There are some amazing things that you can see and do in Kerala. You can take cruises into the backwaters of Kerala or get Ayurvedic massage. You can even go for adventure sports like trekking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, wind surfing and many more. Safaris are also common here.

Culture And Festivals in Kerala

Kerala experiences a blend of culture from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The famous Kathakali dance is a part of Kerala’s culture. In fact, there are several other dance forms that reflect the cultural heritage of the state and Kerala tourism. It also has deep influence of the Carnatic music. There is a huge place and respect for elephants. Martial art is also a part of the culture. It is also the land of festivals and they celebrate Onam,Thrissur Pooram, Vishu, etc.

Shopping in Kerala

You should not miss out shopping here. The Grand Shopping Festival will also help you buy items in great deals. You can buy handmade coconut shell products, spices, coir wall hangings, oils, handloom clothes and even murals and paintings.

Facts And Travel Tips

The state is considered to be the safest in India. If you have the Kerala travel guide, you can be assured that you will not experience any difficulty in traveling across the state. Malayalam is the official language of the state, but knowledge of English will also be helpful.

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