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About Kashmir

Kashmir is regarded as paradise on earth because of the might snow clad mountains, the beautiful lakes and gardens along with the stunning landscapes. The combination of these things promotes Kashmir tourism to a great extent, and there are lots of people that visit this fascinating tourist spot. The state comprises of three region that includes Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir Valley.

The princely state of Jammu and Kashmir is divided between India, Pakistan and China. The unrest in this region has disturbed the life of tourists, but has continued to fascinate the tourists to a great extent.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the popular cities that you can travel from Kashmir include Srinagar, Jammu and Leh. These are prominent places of tourist interest, and if you take a look at Kashmir travel guide, things will become clear.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Kashmir

Udhampur is the last stop. However, most people get down at Jammu railways station that is well connected with other major stations of India. The nearest airport is Leh and Srinagar. They are domestic airports and have flights for various Indian cities.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Kashmir

Kashmir experiences pleasant and chilly climate. Summer ranges from April to June while winters start from September to February. The ideal time to visit Kashmir is from April to September as it offers sightseeing opportunities. On the other hand, winter is the best time to experience different adventure sports like skiing when the valley is covered with snow. Hence, you can plan your tour accordingly.

Transportation Medium

Traveling around the city will not be difficult. There are lots of buses plying regularly. On the other hand, you can also hire jeeps or cars and they contribute to Kashmir tourism to a great extent.

Food Specialty in Kashmir

There are hosts of stuffs that you can eat in Kashmir. Do not forget to try out Kaladi, Kachalu, rista, kabab, rogan josh and other items. There are many restaurants and eateries that serve these delicious cuisines that will fill your mouth with water. Chocolate barfi and sund panjeeree are also famous sweets here.

Things To Do in Kashmir

There are so many spectacular things to see in and around Kashmir. In addition to that, it is also the paradise of trekking and other adventure sports like skiing and hiking. Frozen River Trek is very popular here. If you follow the Kashmir travel guide, you will get lots of information regarding the same.

Culture And Festivals in Kashmir

The region of Kashmir boasts of diverse cultures that are practiced by the mixed inhabitants of this region. The rich heritage of fine arts is reflected through pottery, handicrafts and dances. Various folk dances are performed at different regions of the Kashmir valley and makes Kashmir tourism all the more fascinating. Some of the common events that are celebrated in this region include Baisakhi festival, Baikunth Chaturdashi, Gulmarg Snow festival, hemis festival and many more.

Shopping in Kashmir

You can buy a combination of traditional and modern items from this place. Raghunath bazar is a very popular shopping destination. Apart from handicrafts, you can buy wide varieties of hand looms or dry fruits. You can even buy warm woolen wears from here that are woven in hand.

Facts And Travel Tips

Kashmir is located at a very high altitude and therefore experiences a cold climate. If you follow the Kashmir travel guide, you should be protected with warm woolen clothes. The use of drugs is prohibited in the state and women should restrict from wearing exposed clothes. It is wise to say far away from the Pakistan Border. Urdu is the official language, but people understand Hindi to some extent.

Nearby Places Around Kashmir

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