National Parks In Karnataka

List of National Parks In Karnataka

Poised amidst the mighty Vindhyan Hills and Western Ghats is the magnificent wildlife of Karnataka. It is home to some of the rarest & common species of the world, and thus the national parks in Karnataka are the perfect reflection of rich and vivid Indian biodiversity.

Bannerghatta National Park, Karnataka

The Bannerghatta National Park was established in 1971 and ever since then it has been one of the prominent wildlife centers of Karnataka. Situated approximately 22kms from Bangalore airport, it is truly any wildlife enthusiast’s delight. The park is known for its spectacular zoological reserve which shelters almost 30 lions along with innumerable sloth bears.

The best time to visit the park is during September to mid January, as this is the period when it gets maximum visitors.  Arekal is the nearest town, which is about 19kms away from the national park. Some of the incredible species that can be spotted here are Bengal Tiger, Bison, White Tiger, Panther, Deer and Leopards too.

Bannerghatta National Park

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Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

The Bandipur National Park is an integral aspect of the Niligiri Biosphere Reserve that encapsulates 350 and 100 different species of birds and animals respectively. It depicts a beautiful amalgamation of nature with the beauty of wildlife, which makes it one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. The best time to visit this park is between November to April, where you can witness the vivacity of this reserve in all its glory.

The park is about 80kms away from Mysore airport and the nearest town is Gundalpet which is present just 20kms apart from the park. Besides the amazing tiger population, this park is even a treat for bird watchers.

Bandipur National Park

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Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is present across Shimonga and Chikmangalur distinct and stretches a massive area of 492.46 sq. km. Just like Bandipur National Park, even this national park in Karnataka is a dedicated tiger reserve and shelters barking deer, Porcupine, Indian Bison, Muntjac, leopard, sambar and wild dogs. Not only fauna but it even takes immense pride in its 120 species of flora that even includes some of the rarest herbs used for medicinal properties.

The park is well connected via roads from Bangalore (270kms), Mangalore (180kms) and Mysore (155kms), where the nearest railroad is Kadur. The best time to visit this park is from October to March.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

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Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka

Steep cliffs, mighty mountains and deep ravines makes Kudremukh National Park the epitome of natural beauty. This park is near to Bandipur and is part of Chikmangalur district. One of its major highlights are the 190 wondrous specifies of avifauna that complete the essence of every landscape. The best time to plan a visit to this park is in-between October and March.

Travelling to Kudremukh is made easy by Mangalore railway station which is almost 180kms away from the park.

Kudremukh National Park

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Anshi National Park, Karnataka

Part of the Uttara Kannada District is the exceptional 340 sq. km. wide Anshi National Park. The park shares its border with Goa and provides home to Malabar Civet, Bonnet Macaque, Indian Bison, Pangolin, elephants, sloth bears and giant squirrels. Best part of this bird sanctuary in Karnataka are its fixed mammal and bird trials where visitors can catch a glimpse of several exotic species that they have never seen before.

The best time to visit the park is during mid November till June, as then the humidity would be comparatively less.  The park is 150kms away from Belagum which is the nearest airport and 60kms away from the Dandeli railhead.

Anshi National Park

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Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Acknowledged to be one of the largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka, the Dandeli is where the adventure begins. From wild dog, jackal, mouse deer, till panther, elephant, langur, flying squirrels and bison, every specie shares their unique place in this park. The best period to plan a visit is during March and October, where wildlife aficionados can discover the ultimate beauty of this park through wildlife safaris, fishing, nature walk, boat rides, bird watching, trekking and crocodile sighting.

The Dandeli National Park is 32kms away from Alwar railway station and 100kms away from Belagum airport. Moreover, Dandeli holds well connected roads to Goa, Bangalore, Hubli and Mumbai too.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

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Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is undoubtedly every trekker’s paradise. Blessed with rich wildlife of Giant Flying Squirrels, Common Langur, wild pig, Slender Loris, leopard, barking deer, elephant, mouse deer, Niligiri Langur, brown mongoose, and Pangolin every step across its area of 181kms unfolds a new mystery. The best period to travel here is during winters at December to February, where travelers can take advantage of the Bangalore railway station i.e. about a distance of 270kms.

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

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Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary was one of the most awaited Karnataka national parks  which came into existence in 2011. It covers a massive size 19,042.58 ha, where a majority of the portion is packed with tropical and sub tropical broadleaf forests. The sanctuary is part of Belagum district and is just a few distances apart from Jamboti Village. Interesting fact about this park that makes it a standout from the list of wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka is that this is the only area where Wroughton’s free tailed bats breed.

April, May and June are the best months to visit the park. Wildlife enthusiast can count on Belagum airport which is only 120kms away from the park.

Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary

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Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

The list of national parks in Karnataka would have been incomplete without Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. Empowered as a world heritage site by UNESCO this sanctuary spreads a mighty 88.4 of land and constitutes of evergreen and semi-green forests. It parks its borders with the famous Kudremukh National Park. The sanctuary shelters a wide range of reptiles including python, king cobra, Ceylon frogmouth and Malabar trogon. It even offers the best of nature through its rich flora which is made of 110 species.

The best time to visit this sanctuary is between October and April. Travelers can get there via Mangalore (nearest airport) and Udupi or Shimonga (nearest railway station).

Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary

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Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Located near the banks of river Cauvery, the true soul of wildlife in Karnataka lies in the magical Cauvery wildlife sanctuary. Regarded to be an ideal destination for bird watchers, trekkers and adventure lovers, this is the place where travelers unleash the real side of nature. Pride of this sanctuary are its 200 species of birds, where darter, cuckoo and grey headed eagle are some of the common ones. However, the heart of this sanctuary is its fresh water fish that brings Mahaseer steals to the limelight.

The best time to visit is during September to February, allowing travelers to enjoy a pleasant weather. This sanctuary is part of Ramanagar district and is about 56kms away from Bangalore airport and 100kms from Mysore railway station.

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

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