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Jodhpur is a beautiful city often known as the “Blue City”. There are plenty of places to visit in Jodhpur with amazing forts and palaces spread throughout the city. The city is also richly imbibed in history and showcases some of the best and the most amazing forms of architecture. Therefore, try to visit the top tourist places in Jodhpur, and you will love your trip like never before.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

This is a place associated with deep history. The walls and cliffs here are high, and inside it, there are several lavish and well decorated palaces. There are seven heavily fortified palaces offering an impressive appeal and making one of the wonderful places to see in Jodhpurr.

Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur

This is an intricately crafted tomb built in the honour of Maharaja Jaswant. The white marble lattice screens and the whimsical domes offer stunning views of the Fort and the city. This is also one of the Jodhpur places to see, and you should not miss out visiting it at any cost.

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Jodhpur

It was established with an aim of restoring the ecology of the rocky wasteland of the area located next to the fort. More than 80 native species of rock-loving plants from the Thar Desert were grown here attracting tourists in large numbers.

Jodhpur Flying Fox, Jodhpur

Keeping the fort as the backdrop, the circuit comprises of six zip lines and gets completed within 1.5 hours. One trip is comprised of a group of 10-12 and is a fascinating Jodhpur sightseeing opportunity.

Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur

This is a renowned building made completely of sandstone. However, currently parts of it have been converted into a hotel and a museum and it attracts lots of tourists because of its mix of traditional and contemporary.

Sardar Market And Giridikot Market, Jodhpur

If you love shopping, these are the market places that you should consider in the list of Jodhpur places to visit. These colourful shopping areas offer some of the wonderful collection of handicrafts. Apart from handicrafts, there are plenty of other items that you will get here. You can also visit Rajasthani Khadi Sangh for buying handlooms.

Clock Tower, Jodhpur

The bustling old city of Jodhpur has lots of things. Clock Tower is the famous landmark of this place and the best part is that it is still working. You can even take a walking tour to explore the market area because it is one of the attractive Jodhpur tourist places.

Mandore and Mandore Gardens, Jodhpur

Mandore was the capital of Marwar region. You will find an old fort with an eclectic collection of cenotaphs and temples. In addition to that, you will also find a museum in the Mandore Gardens. This is an attractive tourist place in Jodhpur. Even though it is not maintained properly, it is visited because of its famous architecture and the reflection of the history of the bygone era.

Sambhali Boutique, Jodhpur

This is the undoubtedly the perfect place for picking up some gorgeous and top quality handicrafts of Jodhpur. These are made by the underprivileged women that are employed by the Sambhali Trust. This is also one of the interesting places to visit in Jodhpur.

Spice Paradise, Jodhpur

It is a renowned spice shop, and they are mainly known for the special Masala Chai. In addition to that, they also conduct cooking classes that are popular among the foreigners. You should also try to visit this place to visit in Jodhpur that will give you a great experience.

Umaid Mahal, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace is located at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It is one of the world’s largest private residences. A part of the palace is managed by Taj Hotels. It was named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, grandfather of the present owner Gaj Singh of the palace. This is one of the amazing places to visit in Jodhpur.

Ghanta Ghar, Jodhpur

Ghanta Ghar or Clock tower is the famous place for shopping. It was constructed by the Late Shre Sardar Singh Ji of Jodhpur. This is an interesting place to visit in Jodhpur.

Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur

The Jaswant Thada is a monument situated in Jodhpur. It was built in 1899 by Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur in memory of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. This is one of the best places to visit Jodhpur.

Mehrangarh Museum, Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort was built in around 1460 by Rao Jodha. It is one of the largest forts in India. This fort is situated around 410 feet above the city. This is so beautiful and best place to visit in Jodhpur.

Kaylana Lake, Jodhpur

Kaylana lake is an artificial lake. This lake is located 8 km in west of Jodhpur. It was built in 1872 by Pratap Singh. The lake covers around 84 km area. This is very interesting sightseeing point in Jodhpur.

Nehru Park, Jodhpur

Nehru Park is spread over an area of 14 acres. It was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister, Shri Mohan Lal Sukhadia in 1966. It was developed for children. This park has so many fountains, swings, trees, ponds and plants. This is an amazing place to visit Jodhpur.

Umed Gardens, Jodhpur

Umed Garden was built developed by Maharaha Umed Singh. Its spread over an area of 82 acres. The garden has beautiful Ashoka trees, big lawns, zoo, fountains and library. This place has major tourist attraction in Jodhpur.

Balsamand Lake, Jodhpur

Balsamand Lake is situated at distance of 5 km from Jodhpur. Its located on Jodhpur-Mandore Road. This lake is most popular picnic spot. It was built by Balak Rao Parihar in 1159 AD. This is very old and best sightseeing point in Jodhpur.

Rai Ka Bag Palace, Jodhpur

Rai ka Bag Palace is located near Rai ka Bag palace railway station. It is bit away from Jodhpur. This Palace was built by Hadiji, queen of King Jaswant Singh- I in 1663.

Zenana Mahal, Jodhpur

Zenana Mahal also known as Queen’s Palace. This beautiful building is located at 5 km distance from Jodhpur. It is believed that the palaces housed the queens. This is most amazing place to visit in Jodhpur.

Therefore, instead of any more delays, it is time to make your plans and get ready for one of the best trips in this city.

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