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About Jammu

Jammu is mainly renowned as the city of temples, but is also popular because of its attractive surroundings. It is the winter capital of the Jammu and Kashmir. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, it has imposing palaces, ancient temples and historically renowned places. The combination of these things contributes to Jammu tourism.

It is believed that Raja Jambu Lochan founded the place in the 14th century BC. Mahabharata has the mention of this city. It is also said to be a part of the Harappan Civilization. The evolution of Mauryans, Kushans and Gupta civilizations are also evident. Before coming under the British Rule, it was even ruled by the British and Sikhs.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the popular places that you can access from Jammu are Vaishno Devi Temple and Patnitop. In addition to that, Srinagar is easily accessible from here. A look at the Jammu travel guide will surely help you to a great extent.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Jammu

Jammu Tawi is the major railway station located here, and it is connected to all other cities of India. On the other hand, Jammu airport is connected to all other airports in India operating regular flights.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Jammu

The weather of Jammu is cool and pleasant throughout the year. However, the summers are hot while winters are chilly accompanied by snowfalls. Winter season ranges from November to February. The city experiences a sub-tropical climate. The best time for Jammu tourism is during the famous festivals from September to April. You can also enjoy lots of sightseeing activities at this time of the year.

Transportation Medium

The scenic city is well connected with transportation facilities. You will find jeeps and mini buses plying in the city. In addition to that, you can also avail the auto rickshaw to explore the city.

Food Specialty in Jammu

You will be fascinated by the eateries available in Jammu. They have some of the excellent foods. You will get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from different parts of India and across the world. The Jammu travel guide will offer hosts of information in this context. Kashmiri pulao and Sheer chai are special cuisines.

Things To Do in Jammu

Jammu is popular for sightseeing and adventure activities. Hence, you can get lots of opportunities like trekking, nature walks, rafting, mountaineering and many more. You will just love them.

Culture And Festivals in Jammu

The culture of Jammu is diverse because of the various lifestyles and habits of people. The everlasting contribution to art and literature is also reflected through the culture here. Music is known as Sufiana Kalam and reflects the culture of the region. It is also responsible for the contributing to Jammu tourism. Rabab is a popular folk music and rouff is a conventional dance. The people here are fond of celebrating large numbers of festivals. Bahu mela and Purmandel mela are significant festivals celebrated here. Apart from that, they also celebrate other festivals like Lohri, Jhiti mela and Navaratri.

Shopping in Jammu

There are plenty of bazars that will offer the opportunity to shop. You can buy some of the traditional Kashmiri handcrafts along with the Dogra jewellery. In addition to that, you can also buy walnuts and other dry fruits like almonds. Chingu blanket is also popular here.

Facts And Travel Tips

Currently, Jammu is a safe place to travel, and therefore, you will not have any difficulty in exploring the beauty of the place. Make sure that you follow the Jammu travel guide so that things are easy for you. Apart from that, it is a cold place and hence you should have adequate winter garments.

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