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About Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a city in Madhya Pradesh and offers countless sightseeing opportunities. Located on the banks of the Narmada River, it offers spectacular views of the Narmada river valley. It is an ancient Indian city. Narmada River is famous for the Marble Rocks and comprises of unique formations and forms a deep waterfall. This is one of the major sources of Jabalpur tourism.

It is a historical destination and has been ruled since the 12th century. It was the dynasty of Kalchuri. The Marathas and the British rulers also ruled the city for a long time. Today, it is an important industrial and business center.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

The common cities located near Jabalpur are Sagar, Satna and Rewa located at a distance of 143 km, 180 km and 204 km respectively. Nagpur is in a distance of 240 km. You can get hosts of information from Jabalpur travel guide so that it benefits you to a great extent.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Jabalpur

There is an important rail station in Jabalpur, and is well-connected to different Indian cities. Jabalpur airport is well-connected to Delhi airport and Mumbai airport.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Jabalpur

During the summers, Jabalpur remains extremely hot and winters are mild here. The city also experiences heavy rainfall. The ideal time for Jabalpur tourism is from October to March. It is at this time that tourists come here to witness the wonderful places located around the city. It is also during this time that majority of the festivals are celebrated with great zeal and fervour.

Transportation Medium

Getting around the city will not at all be difficult. You can hire taxis or auto rickshaws. There are local buses that ply in different parts of the city making it easier for locals and tourists. Apart from that, you can also walk along the nearby cities and explore the richness of the place.

Food Specialty in Jabalpur

You will get lots of restaurants and small rod-side shops offering plenty of eatable stuffs. You can get wide varieties of items like bhels, sandwiches and Chinese cuisines. You should also try desserts like Lassi, Khova Jalebi and Rabri. The best idea is to get reference from Jabalpur travel guide so that you do not experience any problem.

Things To Do in Jabalpur

You will be fascinated by the things to see here. Apart from that, you can spend some relaxing time or check out the amazing waterfalls. You should also take pleasure in the rock formation or spend time in bird watching.

Culture And Festivals in Jabalpur

The people here are culture oriented, and they have lots of interest over art and paintings. It is interesting to study the culture of this place. The social customs are closely associated with Hindu culture. The art and craft is an important part of the cultural life of the city. This also promotes Jabalpur tourism to a great extent. Some of the major festivals that they celebrate are Navratre, Dusshera, Diwali and Holi. They also celebrate dance festivals at different times of the year.

Shopping in Jabalpur

Since marble is famous here, you can get marble cut sculptures and souvenirs. Bheda ghat and some shops near bada fuhara or Bengali club will offer you hosts of buying opportunities. You can buy art and craft items including paintings from here.

Facts And Travel Tips

The city is not only safe, but also locals are cheerful and friendly. Moreover, you can also get a relaxed atmosphere while you are in this city. A look at the Jabalpur travel guide is one of the best things that you can do in order to explore the city in the best way.

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