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Historical And Amazing Places To Visit In Hampi

The beautiful architecture and the sprawling city of Vijaynagar are surrounded by ruins. Irrespective of that, Hampi is beautiful in the midst of ruins. The capital of Vijaynagar Empire is deeply immersed in history and displays the Hoysala tradition of architecture. It will not be wrong to say that Hampi is a rhapsody in stone. The name of Hampi has a mention in the Ramayana and it is an ancient places. There are some amazing places to visit in Hampi. Therefore, if you ever get the opportunity to visit this tourist destination, you should not miss it out at any cost.

ASI Museum, Hampi

This place is quite amazing and fascinating to understand the relics of Hampi. You can experience the rich heritage and the ancient products of the place that makes Hampi such a prominent tourist attraction. It will remind you of history and you can end up digging amazing stones and facts here. The surrounding of the museum is also appealing making it one of the best places to see in Hampi.

Mahanavami Dibba, Hampi

It is highest formation in Hampi. The square structure is wonderful and has carvings of horses and elephants. Tourists have to climb up and from here they can enjoy amazing views of the sunrise or sunset. This is one of the important Hampi places to see.

Virupaksha Temple, Hampi

It is one of the most amazing and important temples in this place. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and located close to the Tungabhadra River. The architecture of the temple is worth mentioning because you can gaze at its amazing beauty for hours. The carving of the temple is indeed rich and offers an amazing insight into the religion of the people that lived here. Hence, you should not miss out one of these Hampi tourist places.

Lotus Palace, Hampi

It is another major attraction of Hampi and leaves tourists simply spellbound. You will not only the architecture of the place, but also get immensely fascinated by the remarkable surrounding and ambience of the place. Hence, you should surely visit this place.

Vittala Temple, Hampi

It is an ancient structure dedicated to Lord Vittala or Vishnu. It is must-see place for all tourists visiting Hampi. The complex carvings and the magnificent architecture are indeed beautiful. These are unmatched with any structure located in this region. It is situated on the southern bank of River Tungabhadra and represents a Dravidian style of architecture. This is one of the mind-blowing Hampi places to visit. As you are here, you will be struck by the ornate pillars and the intricate carvings of the temple.

Hampi Bazaar, Hampi

It is located at the front of Virupaksha temple and has large numbers of shops. It ends near the foothill of the Matanga Hill. The shops are made of the houses of the then elites and are an interesting place to see here. If you are here, you should not forget visiting this beautiful place.

Kondarama Temple, Hampi

It is a functioning temple and has great religious significance. It is also associated with mythological facts where Rama killed Bali. The temple also has a ghat and is located at the foothill of the Matanga Hill. You can also visit this temple.

Hemakuta Hill, Hampi

It might not be the tallest hills in Hampi, but it offers splendid views of the sprawling ruins. There are large numbers of arch ways, temples and halls in this hill. It is one of the excellent tourist places in Hampi, and therefore, you should not miss out the opportunity to view the same.

Royal Enclosure, Hampi

The Royal Enclosure is a huge area that was the centre of Vijayanagara Empire. Its covered around 59,000 square metres of area in Hampi. This is one of the best sightseeing points in Hampi.

Queen’s Bath, Hampi

Queen’s Bath was a Royal Bath, which is located in Hampi. It was constructed for the Kings and Queens to take bath. It is an amazing rectangular building with square tank of 6 feet depth. This is one of the best sightseeing points in Hampi.

Underground Temple, Hampi

The Underground Temple also known as Prasanna Virupaksha Temple was buried for over 400 years ago and again discovered in 80’s. This is such an amazing place to see in Hampi.

Old Palace (Gagan Mahal), Hampi

Old Palace also known as Gagan Mahal is one of the best sightseeing point in Hampi. This palace is located in the Anegundi village near Hampi. This palace is so beautiful with decorative walls, windows and 4 beautiful Towers.  It is an 16th century Palace. Most of the part of this palace are in ruins now.

Sasivekalu Ganesha, Hampi

Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple is one of the famous and sacred temples in Hampi. It is located at the southern foot of Hemakuta Hill. This temple is dedicated to Hindu god Lord Ganesha.


Therefore, it is high time to plan your trip and start your journey.

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