Daman Tourism

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About Daman

A small area in between the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Daman is blessed with some of the most natural resources and beauty. The tranquil seashores, the casuarinas windbreak and the heavenly beaches are some of the most important factors for Daman tourism. It is a district in the Union Territory of Daman and Diu. The island located in the West Coast boasts of enthralling landscapes blessed with nature’s wealth.

The rich and varied historical heritage of the island covers more than 2 millenniums. Rulers, conquests and surrenders pre-occupy the history of the place right from the 1st century AD. The Portuguese noticed this port and acquired it from Shahs. Even today, the region has Portuguese influence

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Baroda and Mumbai are popular cities that are easily accessible from Daman. By following the Daman travel guide, you can expect to get a great deal of information on the same.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Daman

The nearest railway station is Vapi. It falls in the Konkan line and at a distance of 12 km from Daman. Vapi is well-connected to Mumbai. Daman has a domestic airport with flights for Mumbai and Baroda. The nearest international airport is located in Mumbai.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Daman

Daman experiences moderate climate round the year. Winter season ranges from November to February while the summers are from March to May. The ideal time for Daman tourism is from October to April. It offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities and experience fishing activities.

Transportation Medium

It is one of the lesser known tourist destinations due to which you might not get extensive local transportation. You can, however find taxis and buses. You can even find private cabs. Apart from local buses, you might even find auto rickshaws to travel around this small town.

Food Specialty in Daman

Daman is prominent for wide varieties of sea cuisines available here. Chicken Bullet is one of the unique recipes that you will find in Daman. There are some good quality restaurants and eateries that will serve quality foods including this unique cuisine, as well. If you take a look at Daman travel guide, you will get lots of ideas.

Things To Do in Daman

There are some amazing things to see and do in Daman. You can stroll around and explore the beaches here. Since liquor is easily available here, you can even buy them at cheap rates.

Culture And Festivals in Daman

The historic forts and churches reflect the influence of Portuguese culture in this place. The glorious past and rich culture creates a great impact on Daman tourism. The culture is enthralling and comprise of a mix of Indian and Portuguese culture. The beliefs, customs, traditions and rituals followed here by the people are a mix of Indian and Portuguese. This multicultural heritage is prominent in the cuisines, festivals, architecture and way of life. They celebrate festivals in a grand style. Ranging from Makarsankranti to Christmas and Garba Dance festival, they celebrate everything with a great zeal. Nariyal Poornima is another important festival that they celebrate.

Shopping in Daman

When it comes to shopping, Daman offers a wide choice for the travellers. You can look forward to buying some top quality leather products, baskets and bamboo mats. You can even get some of the exotic brands of foreign liquors. In addition to that, you will also find large numbers of handmade items

Facts And Travel Tips

Daman is a safe town, and in the recent years, the popularity is increasing. If you have the Daman travel guide, you will not experience any problem. On the contrary, you can look forward to having the most memorable experiences.

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