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About Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a great hill station located in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at a height of 2000 meters above the sea level and attracts the tourists with its spectacular beauty. It is one of the ideal places to relax and retreat and this is what comprises of the Dalhousie tourism. This astounding hill town is buzzing with old charm and embraces the glory of the British Raj.

It is built on five hills and was one of the favorite places of the British. In fact, it got its name from the founder, Lord Dalhousie. The bungalows are made in British style and retain the old culture even today to a great extent.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Some of the popular places that you can reach from Dalhousie include Dharamshala and Chamba. They are closely located to Dalhousie and by taking a look at Dalhousie travel guide, you can expect to get hosts of information.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Dalhousie

The nearest rail station to Dalhousie is Pathankot and is located at about 80 km from the hill station. The station is connected to all other major cities of India. On the other hand, the nearest airport is Pathankot and another airport Jammu is located about 180 km from here. Delhi international airport is the major international airport located here.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Dalhousie

Dalhousie has pleasant climate round the year that fascinates tourists. Winter ranges from December to February while summer months are from March to May. Dalhousie tourism is promoted throughout the year for different sightseeing activities. Winter experiences snow and perfect for the snow admirers.

Transportation Medium

Hiring cars or motorbikes is the best way to take a tour of the city. Buses are available in the arterial roads. Apart from that, if you want, you can take a tour of the hill town in horse carriages.

Food Specialty in Dalhousie

There are several cafes and eateries found in the city and if you take a look at the Dalhousie travel guide, you will get complete information on the same. You will get cheap and tasty foods. Right from South Indian meals to burgers, pizzas and sizzlers, you will get everything here. You can even expect to find North Indian, Chinese and continental foods in these restaurants.

Things To Do in Dalhousie

There are some amazing places that you can expect to see in Dalhousie. In addition to that, you can also get indulged in different activities ranging from trekking and hiking. You can enjoy long walks or enjoy a ride in the ponies. Star gazing is also a popular option because the sky remains clear and bright during the night.

Culture And Festivals in Dalhousie

Dalhousie experiences wide varieties of cultural traits and customs because of the intermingling of people from various communities. Their culture is reflected to arts and crafts and music. This also contributes a lot to Dalhousie tourism. The people here believe in enjoying wide varieties of events and festivals, which is again a reflection of their culture. The chief festivals that they celebrate include Baisakhi, Chet festival, Haryali and many more including Diwali and Christmas.

Shopping in Dalhousie

You can buy large numbers of things ranging from bags, handicrafts, dolls and purses. You can also expect to find shawls and Tibetan handicrafts from the stores.

Facts And Travel Tips

Dalhousie is a great tourism destination that has retained the British charm to a great extent. The hill station is safe and the people are warm and welcoming. If you have the Dalhousie travel guide, you will not have any problem, and you can explore the town in the best way.

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