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Check Out Some Of The Best Coorg Places To Visit

The Kodagu region in Southern Karnataka, often known as Coorg is an alluring and picturesque mountainous area offering lots of beautiful Coorg places to visit. It is one of the top travel destinations for nature lovers and backpackers. This hill station is also famous for its coffee plantations and is renowned as the Scotland of India. The majestic beauty and cool ambience fascinates the tourists to a great extent.

Take a look at the different Coorg places to see so that you do not miss out any of them.

Coffee plantations, Coorg

As mentioned, the place is renowned for its coffee plantations that contribute about 60% of India’s total coffee production. In addition to that, it is also enriched with abundant sandalwood, rosewood and teak forests. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Coorg, and therefore, you should not miss out the opportunity at any cost.

Coffee plantations

Image Source asutosh_80

The Irupu falls and Abbey falls, Coorg

There are some of the beautiful waterfalls located in this region. The Irupu falls and Abbey falls are two of the biggest waterfalls in the Coorg region. The cascading views of the falls are available round the year, but are best after the monsoons. The areas of waterfalls are abundant with butterflies in the peak season making sightseeing in Coorg all the more beautiful like never before.

The Irupu falls

Image Source Dinesh Kumar

Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg

It is this camp that help elephant lovers to get in touch with elephants. It is an elephant training camp that is operated by the government of Karnataka. Tourists will get an opportunity to learn about elephants, ride them and even take a bath in the river. It is also one of the interesting Coorg places to visit. You can be assured that you will love visiting this wonderful place.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Image Source Anders Magnusson

Tibetan Monastery And Golden Temple, Coorg

This monastery is the second largest Tibetan establishment in India. The amount of gold present in the prayer hall is often overwhelming. You will find gold statues of Buddha. Most tourists make it a point to pay a visit to this temple because of the peace, harmony and religious symbolism available here.

Tadiandamol Trekking, Coorg

Tadiandamol is the second highest peak in Karnataka and an active location for trekkers easily accessible from Coorg. This spot is perfect for trekking because it has large numbers of towering peaks and valleys. There are several ranges and different people enjoy trekking from different spots along with photography. This is the best place to visit Coorg.

Tadiandamol Trekking

Image Source Mani

Barapole River, Coorg

Barapole River is one of the best spots for rafting in Coorg. It offers a fine water-water experience. The river is also picturesque and it is surrounded by dense forest areas that offer scenic beauties. It is the best place for visit Coorg.

Barapole River

Image Source Christina Daniels

Raja’s Seat, Coorg

Raja’s Seat is one of the most well known tourist spots in Coorg. It offers superb views of the sunset and panoramic views across the valleys all the way to Kerala. This is also one of the beautiful places to see in Coorg and it has been attracting the attention of tourists since a long time. Hence, you should also come here to experience the peace and tranquillity of this region.

Raja’s Seat

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Valanoor, Coorg

Valanoor is a small and pleasant hamlet in this region. Located near the Dubare forest, it offers picturesque views of the forest on one side and River Cauvery on the other side. It is a popular destination for nature lovers. This is the best sightseeing point in Coorg.

Omkareshwara Temple, Coorg

It is an ancient Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple has unique construction. Its one of the oldest temple in Coorg and best place to visit in Coorg.

Mallali Falls, Coorg

These are an exuberant place and offers the view of River Kumaradhara takes a steep plunge. The waterfall is tall and is one the scenic places to visit in Coorg Karnataka.

Abbi Falls, Coorg

Abbey Falls is situated in Kodagu, in the Western Ghats in Karnataka. It is located 8 km from the Madikeri, 268 km from Bangalore and 122 km from Mysore. This is the best place for tourist attraction in Coorg.

Abbi Falls

Image Source k3perla

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Coorg

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is one of 21 Wildlife Sanctuaries of India’s Karnataka state. This sanctuary is situated in Somwarpet taluk of the Kodagu district. It is home to rare and endangered birdlife. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place to visit in Coorg.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Image Source Jay Aero

Madikeri Fort, Coorg

Madikeri Fort was first built by Mudduraja in the second half of the 17th century. He also built a palace inside the fort. Its one of the oldest place and top tourist place in Coorg.

Madikeri Fort

Image Source seban thomas

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