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About Chennai

Chennai is located on the shores of Coromandel Coast and the capital city of Tamil Nadu. The city boasts of a rich heritage, and is also one of the major gateways of South India. Right from the art, culture, history and thriving culture, each and everything contribute to forming an important part of Chennai tourism. Currently, it is also one of the fastest growing cities of the country. The longest beachfront is also one of the major reasons for which people are attracted to this destination.

The city, formerly known as Madras was discovered by the East Indian Company. Fort St. George was also built by the British and is one of the promising landmarks of the city. It was under the influence of the British that the city grew to be a major city. Even today, Chennai has preserved the charm and ethnicity. Marina Beach is the first thing that will come to your mind with this name. Today, it has also become an intrinsic network of large numbers of sectors.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

There are several popular cities nearby and these include Avadi, Tirupati, and Pondicherry etc. Their distances are 20 km, 112 km and 139 km respective. Make sure that you follow the Chennai travel guide.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Chennai

The three railway stations in Chennai are Egmore, Chennai Central and Tambaram. Chennai Central is well connected to the major cities. Anna International Airport is connected to many cities of India and abroad. This Chennai travel guide can be helpful.

Weather And Best Time To Visit Chennai

Lying in the thermal equator, Chennai experiences hot and humid climate. December to February are the coolest months and also the best time to visit. You can also take part in different tourist activities.

Transportation Medium

The suburban train network makes it easy for travellers to get around the city. The other forms of transportation as part of Chennai travel guide include bus, auto rickshaw, , taxi, and car.

Food Specialty in Chennai

Rice is the staple diet and found in Dosa, Uttapam, Idli. The food has a blend of spices and condiments along with tamarind, coconut. Chettinad pepper chicken is one of the specialties here. The other specialties include Uppuma, milagi podi and sambar. There are numerous restaurants that offer a wonderful assortment of cuisines.

Things To Do in Chennai

While you are here, you can relax by the Marina beach or take a stroll. You can also pack your dinner and sit by the Elliots Beach. Take a walk along Mylapore and experience the uniqueness. The Art Deco architectural areas are also something that you can explore as they are a prominent part of Chennai tourism. It is also the paradise for nature walks and bird watching.

Culture and Festivals in Chennai

The culture of this city is distinctly different from that of any other city in India. Tamil tradition and culture is reflected through dance, dress and sculpture that becomes an important part of Chennai tourism. The blend of orthodox and modern is what makes the city prominent. Music in different forms is highly evident. It is also the home to the famous dance form Bharatnatyam. Chennai mainly celebrates Hindu festivals like Shiv Ratri, Navaratri and Dusshera. Chennai book fair is also an event that you should not miss out.

Shopping in Chennai

There are hosts of things that you can buy from Chennai from different shopping destinations. Right from incense sticks to handicrafts and silk clothes, you can visit the Spectrum Mall, Chandra Metro Mall, Prince Plaza, etc. You can even buy sarees and jewelleries from here.

Facts And Travel Tips

The vivacious and lovely city is ever growing. However, knowledge of Tamil or English is crucial and is a great Chennai travel guide. It is a safe place, but it is advisable to dress modestly. Drink only bottled water.

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