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About Bhopal

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh is a mix of old and new culture and customs. The reminiscence of Mughal influence and the current planned development of the city offer a blend of uniqueness for Bhopal tourism. It is a mid-sized city in India and is the seat for government in India. It is situated in the midst of two beautiful lakes that make it one of the famous tourist destinations. It is situated in the slope of Malwa plateau and the city is blessed with majestic hills and vibrant landscapes.

Raja Bhoj founded the city and it was an important part of the Bhoj kingdom. The richness of tradition is predominant in this city. It is also considered to be a cradle of art and culture.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

Ujjain is the closest city near to Bhopal and by taking a look at Bhopal travel guide will help you to explore the city in the best way. Some of the other places to visit include Sanchi, Khajuraho, Jabalpur and Panchmarhi

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Bhopal

Bhopal Railway station is a major railway station in the Mumbai-Delhi line. It has trains from various parts of the country. In addition to that, you can reach Bhopal by air and get down at Raja Bhoj airport located at a distance of 15 km from the heart of the city. It is an international airport with flights for various cities and countries.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Bhopal

The city experiences heating summers and cool winters. The ideal time for Bhopal tourism is from October to March

Transportation Medium

The public transportation system is quite well-developed and offers the option of buses, mini-buses and three wheeled autos. You can also book a cab or taxi easily to take a tour of the city. Commuting is cheap and easy.

Food Specialty in Bhopal

There are some rich north Indian cuisines that you can expect to find in Bhopal. The sour and spicy chaat is something that you should not miss. It is because of the Mughal influence that you can expect to find Mughal delicacies like Goat biriyani, kebabs, Jalebi, chicken Tikka and Ras Malai. The Bhopal travel guide will also give complete information about the same.

Things To Do in Bhopal

There are plenty of beautiful things to see in and around Bhopal. In addition to that, you can also do lots of other things by strolling and relaxing beside the lake. You can also take a walk in the heritage places of Bhopal by means of which you will explore the historical places. You can also take boat rides in the boat club or be a part of the musical night.

Culture And Festivals in Bhopal

There is a blend of inter-cultural influences that reflect the culture of Bhopal, as a whole. It is a culturally enriched city that also contributes to Bhopal tourism. The harmonious blend of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam is found here. Art and music are also popular. They celebrate wide varieties of festivals like Lokrang Samaroh, Rashtriya Hindi Natya Samaroh and many more.

Shopping in Bhopal

A tour to Bhopal will not be complete without shopping. There are plenty of stuffs to buy from here. Right from embroidered bags, shawls to tunics, you will get lots of things. In addition to that, you can also buy quality fabric silk from different emporiums operated by the government. You can buy arts and crafts materials or some authentic north Indian shawls.

Facts And Travel Tips

Bhopal is a peaceful and safe city, and if you have the Bhopal travel guide, things will be easier for you to plan. Knowledge of Hindi is sufficient to communicate with the locals.

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