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About Ajmer

Located in the base of the Aravali mountain ranges, Ajmer is Rajasthan is a holy spot both for the Hindus and Muslims. It is more popular as a gateway to Pushkar. The tomb of Sufi Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti makes it an important pilgrimage site. Ajmer tourism is the reflection of religious convictions, where a saint is revered by all. The city is bestowed with natural beauty with the majestic mountain ranges on all sides.

The historical city was established by the Chauhan dynasty in the 1100 AD. It presents a remarkable synthesis of Hindu and Sufi traditions. It was under the rule of Prithviraj Chauhan, which was later dominated by the Mughals, Scindias, Rajputs and Delhi Sultanate. It even withstood the Turkish invasion, but fell in the hands of the British.

Distance From Nearest Popular Cities

When you are in Ajmer, Pushkar is the nearest and most popular destination that you should visit. A look at Ajmer travel guide will offer complete information on the same.

Nearest Railway Station And Airport in Ajmer

You can get down at Ajmer junction railway station that is well-connected to different Indian cities. On the other hand, the nearest airport is Sanganer airport that is located at Jaipur. It is at a distance of 132 km from Ajmer and is a domestic airport.

Weather and Best Time To Visit Ajmer

The semi-arid climate of Ajmer keeps temperatures high for most of the year. Winters are from November to March while the summers are from April to July. The ideal time to visit Ajmer is from October to March which attracts Ajmer tourism to a great extent. Pushkar fair is also held at this time of the year.

Transportation Medium

Ajmer is a very small town, and you can explore it by foot. However, if you want, you can even get cycle rickshaws or auto rickshaws along with horse-drawn tongas. Some minibuses and tempos also run in the city.

Food Specialty in Ajmer

There are some good quality restaurants and eateries where you can find vegetarian cuisines. Most shops will offer traditional Rajasthan cuisine of Dal Bati Churma. You can even try the snacks of kachori and a special combination of kadi-bujje. This snack is unique to Ajmer and an Ajmer travel guide will offer a great deal of information.

Things To Do in Ajmer

Camel safari is one of the most prominent things that you should do in the town. Apart from that, you can even take a walk in the town and explore it in your own way.

Culture And Festivals in Ajmer

The blend of various cultures is prominent in the languages, rituals, customs and festivals. Folk music is one of the greatest cultural attractions for Ajmer tourism. A music called Fariyad is also popular. Along with songs, dance is also reflective of the culture. There are several museums and art galleries. The city celebrates the festivals of Hindus and Muslims in complete harmony. Diwali, Holi and Teej are celebrated with fervour. Pushkar fair is also a popular festival that is held once in a year during November.

Shopping in Ajmer

It might not be the ideal paradise for shoppers, but there are hosts of things that can be purchased here. The colourful bazars offer the opportunity for excellent silver jewelleries and artefacts. You can visit the Dargah bazar. You can even find a woman’s market where you can find traditional veils, ornate lehengas and even hand tie-dyed turbans.

Facts And Travel Tips

Ajmer is an excellent place to visit with a peaceful atmosphere. The people are friendly with a pleasing personality. It is also safe for tourists. If you have the Ajmer travel guide, it is expected that you will not experience any problem.

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